The Journey to Quilt Market Begins

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joan_ford Joan Ford, contributor
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Ready to roll.
Packed and ready.
Peach the parrot.
Ready to roll.

Ready to roll.

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Quilt Market is a huge semi-annual trade show for the quilt industry. "Fall Market" is always held in Houston, Texas in late October. "Spring Market" rotates between about 1/2 dozen cities every May. Fabric manufacturers, pattern designers, notions firms, and book authors like me, set up displays so your local quilt shop can see what's new and exciting in the quilty world. 

To help promote my book, ScrapTherapy® Scraps Plus One, I have been planning to be an exhibitor for my company, Hummingbird Highway, at Spring Market from May 17 to 19. When my friend Carol McLeod, of Aunties Two, said she was considering driving all the way to Portland, Oregon from Portland, Maine, to also be an exhibitor, I thought she was crazy. That's clear across the country!!

After giving it some more thought, I decided it would be fun to join her for the ride. Of course, you know that means making some stops along they way. Who knows what the next few days will bring. Follow along with us as I share our many adventures from our road trip to the Spring Quilt Market!

Here are some images from the first travel day.

All of the contents for the soon-to-be Hummingbird Highway booth are packed into these boxes and bins waiting for Carol to arrive. Doesn't look very interesting at this point.

By Monday evening, Carol pulled in with "Vanna," our rental van, then my husband Dave used his expert Tetris skills to shimmy all the boxes, bins, quilts, parts, and pieces into place.

Joan Ford at Quilt Market Joan Ford's Journey to Spring Quilt Market:
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Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Weekend Travels
Portland at Last!
• The Amazing Journey Concludes


Then, it was time to say my good-byes to Peaches, the Amazon parrot. 


And to Doodle and Woodstock, the conures.


And, of course to Dave, the Tetris wizard.


Now we're ready to roll! Carol is in the driver's seat ready to start our journey.


As the trip's 'navigator,' I decided to work on my on-going sock collection. This one has a good start. Will it be complete by the time we reach Portland?


Flowering trees along our route are full of spring color! Look all these beautiful blooms at a rest stop along the New York State Thruway!


We crossed the border from New York into Pennsylvania, and made our first quilt shop stop at MillCreek Sewing and Fabric


We had a nice chat with Judy and Megan, and made a few purchases. We even discussed the potential to do a retreat at their beautiful, brand new Needle in a Haystack retreat center. Maybe we'll put together a workshop featuring a project from ScrapTherapy® Scraps Plus One!–wouldn't that be fun?

Next, we entered Ohio and made a stop at the Polka Dot Pincushion in Richfield. Isn't that a great name for a quilt shop?

Inside the shop, we weren't disappointed. It's beautiful and filled–or should I say 'stuffed like a pincushion'–with tempting goodies.

Both Carol and I made purchases at each shop. That means we're two for two!

We have stopped for the night in Maumee, Ohio, dreaming of what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned for more adventures from our road trip to Quilt Market.

Happy Stitching!


Find more information at Hummingbird Highway or follow me on Twitter.


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quilting_fun writes: I have never met a quilt shop I haven't liked. Of course there are ones that are liked, even loved more than others. I love getting lost in the colours and textures. I could browse for hours appreciating the talent and work that has gone into completed projects. Stores that let enjoy yourself without pushing for sales are my favorites and I usually spend more in these shops.
My two favorite shops are Hamels just outside Chilliwack BC and Along Came Quilting in Calgary AB.
Hamels I love for their rural setting and charm along with the variety they carry. I visit here whenever I am in the neighbourhood.
Along Came Quilting can always be counted on for their great nuterials, varietyalong with the friendly knowlegeable staff (this is my home store).
Posted: 10:25 am on June 1st
edeloof writes: I also knit socks on the road! I'm imagining that, like me, you stash yarn as well as fabric!
Posted: 8:06 pm on May 31st
user-2565019 writes: Have you thought of making a wall hanging that highlights your trip. It would start with Peaches, the Amazon parrot, Doodle and Woodstock the conures. Add a picture of Dave and possibly work in Tetris, possibly a border of his block with a Tetris like fabric. Then a block featuring Carol and the U-Haul van. Next could be a block that has a knit sock shape appliquéd on it. After that you could have a New York shaped block with a flowering tree fabric. A Pennsylvania shaped block could follow with a Needle in a Haystack embroidered on it. There should be a sliver needle included. An Ohio shaped block would naturally follow with perhaps a pincushion appliquéd out of polka dot fabric. I think you can get the idea.
Posted: 8:56 am on May 31st
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