How to Save Space With Hangers

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For most of us who live in apartments, small closets are a regular part of life. However you don't need a larger closet to store your things, a few simple closet storage solutions can transform even the smallest, most crooked little closet space. To maximize your closet space, you need storage solutions that: 

• Fit perfectly: so before you buy hangers or install double hangs, measure your space and the product several times before buying.

• Accessible and easy to reach with sturdy use

• Compliment your décor scheme.

Get the hanger mentality

Saving space is a part of organizational efficiency which is almost always action coupled with a sort of a mindset that's rare – a frame of mind that skews towards minimalism, efficient use of resources, and an eye for detail. The first step to save space when using hangers to get into the habit of using hangers: Clothes have few designated places to go to, more often than not, when you operate this way: Dried and ironed clothes go straight to closets and not onto hangers. Any piece of clothing that's anywhere midway from washing to the closet gets on hangers. How long these clothes stay on hangers depends on your laundry workflow.

Double hanging space

There are few things that will transform your closet as effectively and quickly is a double hanging space. More hanging space means more clothes on hangers, less in boxes that can now be used to for hats, stoles and other miscellaneous items. While it's not always a possibility to get space like that, it's usually about planning more often than not. At least make sure you get space like that when you are looking at purchasing your closets and wardrobes.

The Right Hangers

Hangers aren't just for suit jackets anymore. We know of people who have managed to use hangers to hang everything from blankets to boots and even handbags. We love the practicality of hangers; everything is easily visible and so easy to reach. I use hangers to the items of the same type together. I use a pants hanger for my pants as well as scarves and for boots, I prefer wire hangers as they are sturdy and won't damage boots but will certainly damage clothes. I use Huggable or Slim hangers for my clothes. Being less bulky than other hangers, they allow me to hang more clothes in the same space than if I was using a wooden hanger.

Closet door

I have placed a collapsible, fabric show hanger on the inside of my closet door and store different things in different compartments with my most often used items on the top. In the winter this means gloves, snoods and beanies and in the summer I replace these with tank tops ad light camis.

I think that the key here is to think out of the box. Don't look at hangers, closets, shoe racks as limited by their description. If you are clever about it, you can store anything, anywhere and save space while ensuring nothing is damaged.

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