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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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I made these ribbon pendants with favorite buttons from Cathy Pitters (left) and Ryan Berkley (right).
Heres what youll need to convert a one-inch button into a pendant.
After you remove the pin backing, add a generous dollop of jewelry adhesive to the inside of the button back.
Add the pendant bail with a smaller dab of glue.
I keep part of my one-inch button collection on this felt embroidery-hoop display.
I made these ribbon pendants with favorite buttons from Cathy Pitters (left) and Ryan Berkley (right).

I made these ribbon pendants with favorite buttons from Cathy Pitters (left) and Ryan Berkley (right).

Photo: Susan Beal

I love my collection of crafty one-inch buttons—I have snapped them up at Felt Club and Renegade Craft Fair, swapped them with friends, and gotten some fun ones as extras in handmade orders from crafters. But I wanted to spotlight one as its own jewelry piece instead of wearing it on a bag or piece of clothing, so I came up with this simple idea for converting pins into pendants!

You'll need:

  • A one-inch button of your choice
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Jewelry adhesive
  • Sew-through button, slightly smaller across than the one-inch button (try using one with a plain, flat back, regardless of the front design)
  • Pendant bail
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (I used 1/8-inch double-faced satin), cord, or chain of your choice

1. Use your pliers to carefully remove the pin backing from your one-inch button. Tip: Don't throw it away; pass it on to someone with a button maker! She can reuse it immediately for making a new one.

2. Test out your flat-backed sew-through button to see if it fits into the recess on the back of the button frame. Ideally, it will easily fit in without shoving and forcing. Once you've found a good one, add a generous dollop of jewelry adhesive inside the recess and press the button into it, face down so that it presents a smooth, plain surface. Let it set—it doesn't have to dry completely, but make sure it is securely in place before moving on to the next step.

3. Now mark the top of the button pendant and carefully add a small dab of jewelry adhesive on the back of the flat-button and rim there (as shown in the center photo). A toothpick might be helpful for this one. Press the pendant bail right into the glue and let it dry completely.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon or other cord in your desired length, and thread it through the pendant bail. Tie it in a bow or add a clasp to secure your pendant.

Note: If you are looking for cute one-inch buttons, I especially love the ones I spotlighted here. The cardinal portrait is by Ryan Berkley and the scissors design is by Bossa Nova Baby. They, like lots of other makers, usually have them out at craft shows, or you can contact them through their sites if you love them, too. Happy button-pendanting!



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trusk4u writes: This is a really cute idea! I'll have to keep my eyes open for some awesome buttons to use!
Posted: 12:38 pm on October 2nd
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