Make It Pink: Charm Bracelet!

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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The Make It Pink charm bracelet includes a mix of vintage and new pink beads on circle-link chain.
Heres everything you need to make a charm bracelet.
Create the beginning of a wrapped loop above each bead charm, but dont complete the coil until you join it to the chain.
Arrange the beads in a repeating pattern (if you like); mine is A-BB-C-D-EE, with the double letters representing smaller beads on the same link.
Here are my first five charms, A-BB-C-D-EE, joined to the chain from left to right.
The finished bracelet has two consecutive repeats of the A-BB-C-D-EE pattern.
The Make It Pink charm bracelet includes a mix of vintage and new pink beads on circle-link chain.

The Make It Pink charm bracelet includes a mix of vintage and new pink beads on circle-link chain.

Photo: Susan Beal

If you like to mix beads up in fun, sparkly combinations, this easy charm bracelet is a perfect way to dip into your stash of favorites. I chose two each of seven styles of pink beads and used a double repeat of an exuberant pattern, pairing the smaller ones on a single link and letting the larger ones stand alone. I used various styles, sizes, and color intensities and suspended them from a sleek, modern circle chain, finishing the bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

You'll need:

  • A mix of beads, completely random or two of each one—I used 14 (two each of seven styles)
  • Seed beads in a coordinating color
  • Eyepins (one for each bead)
  • Pliers
  • Chain, 6 to 7 inches total (I used a large, flat gold circle chain from Toho Shoji)
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp (mine was magnetic)

1. Arrange your beads in a row to choose how you might like them to appear in your finished bracelet, balancing weight, size, and color. You can use one or more beads per link in your chain—I used a 12-link chain and skipped putting beads on the two outer links so that the clasp could go on easily, leaving me 10 links to bead on to. I also decided to pair the smaller beads onto a single link, and let each larger bead have its own link, for a total of 14 beads.

2. Once I chose my bead order, I simply repeated it for the other half of the bracelet, so that the first seven and the second seven were identical, one after the other. The pattern I went with, with the single letters representing a large stand-alone bead and the double letters representing two smaller ones on the same link, reads A-BB-C-D-EE, as seen in the photos.

3. Next, place a seed bead, a focal bead, and a seed bead onto an eyepin. Make a bead dangle (here is a video I made showing how to do this, if you'd like to check it out!) and complete the first half of a wrapped loop above each bead, but do not wind the coil yet. Repeat this with each bead so that you have all your bead charms ready to attach.

4. Following your pattern and working from left to right, attach your first bead charm to the second link of the bracelet and complete the wrap to join them. Clip the wire tail neatly.

5. Repeat step 4 to join the rest of the beads to the chain. If you are using a flat chain like mine, be sure to add your charms to the same side of the links each time so that they hang nicely. Note: If you are using any drilled drops or charms (like the pink teardrop in EE, in the middle and on the far right of my design), join them with a jump ring instead of an eyepin.

6. Once you've added all your bead charms, join one half of the clasp to each end of the chain with a small jump ring. Your bracelet is ready to wear!

Variation: Mix a completely random assortment of beads, or go in the other direction and use a set of identical ones, for a fun take on this simple charm bracelet idea.


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