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Paper Bag Wedding

Paper Bag Wedding

Have you always dreamt of the perfect traditional wedding? Or, have you always been looking for something a little different to make your wedding reception stand out?

Either way, we might have just the answer to make your wedding that extra special without jeopardising on a well-deserved honeymoon. It might seem a bit obscured from the outset but give this some thought, brown paper bags.

Picture it now, your centrepieces looking rustic and chic. Fill them with flowers to brighten up the whites of your reception or fresh fruit for your guests to have a nibble on whilst other's enjoy a dance or two. If fruit isn't your thing, you could always make a few little holes in the bag and put a candle in the bottom to make great lighting features when the light's do go down for that first dance. Although, you will need to make sure the candle is protected so the bag doesn't become alight.

If that doesn't suit the other table decorations you have, then you could always adopt these bags and use them as a thank you gift for when you gifts leave. Fill them with a thank you card and some of your beautiful wedding cake and they can take off their very own goody bag. This will be a great way for them to end their night.

The best thing about brown paper bags is that they do not cost the earth, yet they look extremely effective regardless of what environment you use them in. Although, of course, you do not have to use brown paper bags. Bags come in all shapes and sizes and will such a vast selection of them available, you could be spoilt for choice but at least you will find the perfect carry-away for your special day.

The key to adopting this feature is to be creative. Once you see exactly how you can utilise this technique into your wedding, you will be congratulated not only on your big day, but your décor too. Everyone wants their wedding day to be remembered for what they did well, not the negative points. By using your imagination you can transform your wedding reception from a good one, to one that is elegant and beautiful just like the rest of the day.

Ribbon is a great addition to your special occasion too and wrapping them around the bags, the table centrepieces and even the chairs can look absolutely stunning. Don't just take our work for it though, try it for yourself and dabble with a few different ideas. Once you do you will be able to see exactly how you can incorporate this beautiful craftsmanship into your wedding day.

If you're struggling for the material though, head over to the Paper Bag Co. They stock every bag for every occasion, from the everyday shopping eco bags to the brown paper bags with a block bottom that could greatly enhance your tables.


We hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing paper brown bags in your wedding photos. 

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