Crazy Creepy Cuteness Brought to You by Girlsavage

comments (4) September 25th, 2008     

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erika_kern Erika Kern, contributor
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Girlsavages Bunny Rabbit 16 Feltidermy.

Girlsavage's Bunny Rabbit 16 Feltidermy.

Photo: Girlsavage

So I was poking around the Flickr group Stitched By Hand when I happened upon something that made me say "Aw" and "Oh" at the very same time!  Now, that's something!  I've seen other "feltidermy" but nothing that has ever made me want to deck my walls in the stuff, until now.  Great work, Girlsavage.  You are my new felt hero!


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Comments (4)

Kips writes: I have to make one of these !! My son has gathered 6 rabbits in the past two days of hunting lolol, would be a great gift for his dorm room!
Posted: 7:34 am on January 3rd
mittensam writes: These are fantastic -- I want one!
Posted: 7:15 am on September 27th
FadinRose writes: Oh My Goodness! I love it! I had an x hubby who had all the deer heads and fish hanging all around. Boy oh Boy! Would I have loved making several of these and hanging them to get equal wall space!! LOL
Posted: 9:17 pm on September 26th
RubyKitty writes: Fantastic! I'd love one of these just to see people do a double take when they walk in the door and see it on the wall. An animal-friendly version of those gruesome hunting'n'shooting trophies that posh people hang on their walls. I agree - they're both cute and disturbing.
Posted: 2:37 pm on September 25th
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