How to Make a Quick-Like-a-Bunny Button Headband

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FriendyWendy Wendy Sloneker, contributor
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With a few simple items, you can jazz up a plain elastic headband in no time.
Stretch the elastic as you sew on the buttons to keep as much flexibility as possible.
The buttons lie closer together when the band is not stretched, so try it on to check placement as you go.
With a few simple items, you can jazz up a plain elastic headband in no time.

With a few simple items, you can jazz up a plain elastic headband in no time.

Photo: Wendy Sloneker

Customize a plain old elastic headband with some simple buttons and a bit of time. The headbands came from a drugstore in a packet of five for about $2. SCORE! The smattering of vintage buttons scavenged from other garments came in handy, too.


  • Plain elastic headband/s, about 1/2 inch wide
  • A handful of pretty buttons
  • Embroidery floss (two strands doubled through a sewing needle; knot all four strands together)
  • Scissors

Button Headband

A sweetie for any season....a snap to make, not to mention useful.

Stretch out the elastic with one hand and take a tiny stitch on the surface of the headband. The knot will lie on the surface under the button, not against your head.

One stitch in elastic

Stretch the elastic, then take a tiny stitch before you attach a button so you won't have the knot against your head. Stretch as you stitch each button to retain as much elasticity as possible.

Stitch the button into place with the elastic stretched as best you can to retain as much of the flexibility as possible.

Bear In Mind
When the elastic is relaxed—unstretched—the buttons will bunch up together. When you are wearing the headband, the buttons will move away from each other slightly. Just remember, the buttons will not look exactly the same on the headband as you are sewing them on as they will appear when you are wearing it. Try it on and check your work while you are stitching buttons to make sure the placement suits you.

Materials and relaxed band

Buttons lie closer together when the elastic is not stretched out and farther apart when the band is on your head. Try it on and check the placement as you go.

Secure With a Knot
For the final stitch: With the elastic stretched, bring the needle and thread up between the headband and the button/s. Wrap the thread two or three times around the stitches that are securing the button and knot it. Push the needle through the elastic and trim with a scissor.


Totally stacked! Consider stacking a couple of buttons for texture, depth, and interest on top o' the band. Silly factor is running high.

AND there's still time to make another headband for a friend! High-five!



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sigridsoto writes: Oh so pretty keep creating you have inspired me with this one thank u
Posted: 5:29 am on January 7th
Messmaker writes: i love this!!! it's so simple yet so beautiful!
Posted: 3:12 pm on December 1st
ohsohappytogether writes: Oooo...I like. I think I'll make one for myself and my little girl!
Posted: 11:52 am on November 9th
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