Get Creative With Paper Bags

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A shirt and tie combination that will stand out. 
Quirky animals
If they love the smell of coffee, theyll love this holder.
Cute gifts with decorative butterlies attached to the top.
A shirt and tie combination that will stand out. 

A shirt and tie combination that will stand out. 

There are tons of materials to get crafty with, but one of the greatest and most cost effective is paper bags.


With so many paper bags available, including white paper bags, brown paper bags and printed paper bags, to name but a few, we are spoilt for choice. There are so many possibilities for use of paper bags that can be used to create hand puppets, Christmas characters, use as chic wrapping paper and to write a message on it that is personalised to our loved ones.

In fact, many people are using brown paper bags for their weddings, parties and celebrations because they add a rustic aspect to their event and give their guests something to go away with after the party is over.

Here are some ideas that might be useful if you are struggling to find that perfect gift for someone in the office or at home:

·       For the guy that loves a tie, there is a shirt and tie combination you can create. 


·       For the person that loves animals, create a fox or a cat by adding some extra paper to the bag. 


·       For the coffee lover, you could create a brilliant holder for all of their cups. 


·       For everyone you struggle for, you could create a great shaped gift and attach a pretty decoration, like a butterfly. 


These ideas are quick and easy to do too, but look great so the effort you put in will be welcomed with a smile. Quirky gifts around Christmas are always a winner and handmade gifts carry so much more thought. Your gifts will definitely be the best this year, and might be the cheapest too. 


If you have any more paper bags ideas, I'd love to see them so please do share them. 

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