Origami Inspired Christmas Decoration

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Amazing origami wreath.
Courtesy of Go Ahead Removalists Melbourne
Lovely origami gift boxes
Dazzling origamy Xmas stars.
Amazing origami wreath.
Courtesy of Go Ahead Removalists Melbourne

Amazing origami wreath.

Courtesy of Go Ahead Removalists Melbourne

Christmas is just around the corner, but if you are like me, you probably haven't yet decided what to do about decorating your house for the holidays. Well, I have one brilliant DIY project for you to help you with preparing your home for the big event.

Upcycled Xmas Decoration  

Recycling has been a popular topic amongst DIY-ers and bloggers all around the web, but do we really know how to use its full power to adopt a truly sustainable lifestyle. Creating both inspirational and unique decor for our Christmas party is essential for the overall holiday atmosphere, but so is reducing our carbon footprint. That's why, for this year's festive events, we have a special DIY project offering you to expand your creative knowledge and jump into an adventure which will challenge your skills.


Origami Tree Decor Toys

Built upon the idea of living in one with nature, the Eastern culture teaches us valuable lessons on how we can create beautiful projects with the sole use of paper. The DIY paper toys projects available on the Internet are countless, but simplicity is what makes things even more appealing. "You don't need to jump into complex origami tutorials to craete a beautiful decor", says Rachel, a decor enthusiast apparently working in a removalist Melbourne company. Just use your imagination on a colored paper and fold it to create the simplest origami toys - tiny present boxes with miniature ribbons, dazzling snowflakes and abstract paper art can be a wonderful addition to the decoration of your Christmas tree.

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