Easy-To-Make Custom Lighting Projects

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Make your custom lamp.

Make your custom lamp.

DIY Projects:

While the topic of crafting and DIY project may seem to have got to a point where nothing new can be created, I recently stumbled upon some quite satisfying craft ideas that helped me inspire myself and develop some new personal projects. To show you what I am talking about, I will briefly describe these inspiring projects and show you the basic steps of creating such marvelous crafts.



Light bulb vases.

Used light bulbs may look absolutely worthless for crafting, but this amazing project show the opposite. It is quite simple and requires not that much of technique and experience to create these sparkling little vases. You can just remove the wires in the bulb and secure the sharp edges with colored duct tape, but if you are more of a art-person, you will most likely find satisfaction in developing this project further into an art exposition.


Use glass paint to draw shapes and patterns on the bulbs. To make everything even more magical, you can use not any kind of paint, but luminous paint. After you finish the decoration of the bulbs, place a small bouquet in them or plant desert flowers inside. They are not so water demanding and will feel perfectly fine in this environment.


Neon Nature Lamp.

When it comes to making custom lamp designs and home decoration, this is one of the best choices. It is simple and environmental-friendly. This marvelous DIY project incorporates the use of soft lighting and decorates by giving your home a touch of natural beauty. You will need a small fish tank, some pebbles and a couple of fake plants. Stick the neon lights to the insides of the fish tank, fill with colorful pebbles and place your flowers.


It is not recommended to place real plants due to the fact that they require water and if not well-secured, the neon lights might make contact with the water and ruin your custom lamp. The friendly team of commercial and office cleaners in Melbourne, who work with glossy surfaces on a daily basis, say the fish tank will need to more than dusting and occasional cleaning with wet wipes. If cleaned regularly, the glass will look perfectly fine and won't show finger marks.

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