How to Create a Pattern on Jeans

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SLMiller Stephani Miller, associate editor
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Create a design on your favorite jeans.
Choose a denim garment carefully. All-cotton fabric is ideal, but cotton blended with some polyester or Spandex content wont negatively affect the outcome
For high contrast, try dark-colored denim and plain discharge paste or pastel deColourant Plus, or light-wash denim and neon- or primary-colored deColourant Plus.
Create a design on your favorite jeans.

Create a design on your favorite jeans.

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5 Activate the design with heat. Turn the iron to its cotton or denim setting with or without steam. You may wish to use a press cloth to protect your iron while heat-setting. Press the design for about 30 seconds to activate the color removal or exchange.

make a pattern on jeans

6 Wash and dry the printed jeans. For full color removal or replacement, you may need to reapply the discharge paste a second time.


Safety Tip:

Discharge paste has a strong chemical smell during heat-setting, and the fumes can be harmful if inhaled. Always work in a well-ventilated space when using it.

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