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Egg Planet
Egg Planet
Egg Planet Box
Egg Planet Components
Egg Planet

Egg Planet

Photo: © 2014 Paper Zen / Cecelia Louie

Inspired by Jeffery Rudell's post, Oeuf Couture: How to Dress an Easter Egg, I couldn't stop all the ideas that kept cropping up. This is a black box about 5.5 inches squared. The letters are cut from metallic silver vinyl. The black paper is Canson Mi-Tientes. The simple purple ribbon helps to open the lid and foreshadows a hint of Easter without giving too much away.

Once open, a floating planet is set against a galaxy of stars. Like a jaunty hat, it's rings are tilted off to the side. Wait a second, upon closer inspection...that's no sphere – it's an egg!

It comes apart – the ring is cut from Stardream metallic silver cardstock and simply rests on top of the egg. The egg is held aloft with a trimmed skewer stick that's been blackened with a marker. I used Pearl Posca metallic markers to dot stars in the background. I would have used yellow but my set didn't come with one. It's about as Easter as I could make it. I used a Pittsburgh punch set to make a hole for the skewer. To prevent the skewer from skewing, I glued this rolled tube of cardstock below the galaxy backdrop.

Pattern or design used: Oeuf Couture: How to Dress an Easter Egg
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