Create Your Own Prayer Shawl

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Video Length: 3:17
Produced by: Gary Junken

In this video, authors Janet Bristow and Victoria Cole-Galo explain the Prayer Shawl movement and introduce their new book, The Prayer Shawl Companion. There is a misconception that prayer shawls are tied to a specific religious group, but anyone can create a shawl for a friend or loved one. Prayer shawls can comfort during hard times or can be used to celebrate joyous events, such as a birth or wedding.

You will find 38 wonderful shawl patterns in this new book to inspire and guide you through the process of creating your own prayer shawl. There are patterns for all skill levels donated by professional knitwear designers, including Kaffe Fasset and Nicky Epstein.

Create your own prayer shawl and share your stories and photos in the gallery. For every pink prayer shawl uploaded to the Make it Pink gallery in October, Taunton Books will donate $10 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, up to $1,000!

Look for an excerpt from The Prayer Shawl Companion in our magazine, CraftStylish Gifts to Make Vol. 2. Available on newsstands October 7th or you can buy this issue online in our store.

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Comments (4)

Thelmer writes: Our church ladies have a group who do the prayer shawls, I think I'll see about joinging, after watching the video,some of my family have had one given to them during the past few years. And at the time I thought it was very nice, but until now I never thought of joining. Never knew what colors ment.
Thank you for your video.
Posted: 1:13 am on February 17th
ShawlMinistry writes: Forest Path: The pattern should read:

Pg. 88 - Forest Path - Rows 3 & 4: "p6, k8"

Corrections to the "Prayer Shawl Companion" can be found at:
Posted: 7:08 pm on October 7th
JoClugg writes: I'm curious about the pattern instructions for the Forest Path Shawl on page 88 of PRAYER SHAWL COMPANION. Are the instructions correct for rows 3 and 4?
My instructions read,
Row 3: K5, *p6,p8, repeat from* across, end k5.
Row 4: K5, *p6,p8, repeat from* across, end k5.

I read that as two rows of purl with a 5 stitch garter stitch salvage.

Posted: 9:38 pm on October 4th
Jen1964 writes: You can pretty much design your own prayer shawl, if you do the basics: pick the stitch, do the stitch sample, and figure out the stitches for your goal width. It's a fun way to try new stitches, and have it look amazing. My favorite so far is a rippling lace from an old sewing book. Then comes the fun part. Sometimes I know who it's for at the beginning, and so throughout the creating I pray for her. (If you're doing it for a guy, please make it a scarf or lap robe, NOT a shawl! We want them to feel better not worse.) When I don't know who it's for at the outset, I pray vaguely for it's recipient, and sometimes I find out who needs it. Other times, it goes through other give away avenues. In any case, it's loads of fun. Prayer is a healer, both for the giver and the receiver, whether they know of it or not. If you want to tell me about your experiences with this (or one you're trying for the first time), you can reach me at [email protected] and I will write you back or encourage if that's what you like. Be prepared for the blessings that go with this project!
Posted: 11:30 am on October 1st
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