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comments (38) May 2nd, 2014     

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AlexLombardi Alex Lombardi, web assistant
Love it! 16 users recommend

CraftStylish members CraftingGal, user-1021367, and VeronicaMade are the proud champions of this week's giveaway! Each will receive a copy of Fabric Blooms (Lark Crafts, 2014) by Megan Hunt. We hope they enjoy it.

If you'd like to win your very own book, leave a comment on the most recent book giveaway!


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Comments (38)

DallinLArsen33 writes: I like it
Posted: 3:11 am on September 14th
Johnychamp writes: nice cards
Posted: 6:00 am on September 13th
matthewtweedie writes: very nice card
Posted: 11:51 pm on August 1st
davidrayan writes: cute.
Posted: 1:20 pm on July 5th
jacobjohn11 writes: nice cards
Posted: 12:18 pm on May 23rd
Kavinjose writes: nice cards
Posted: 5:43 am on May 23rd
alexaida writes: very good
Posted: 12:04 pm on May 9th
charlosmarcos11 writes: nice cards
Posted: 3:02 am on May 7th
GeorgeHarris writes: wow lovely.
Posted: 11:58 am on April 25th
Albert_Robert writes: i really like your design
Posted: 11:24 am on April 20th
Carolyoung writes: so cool
Posted: 10:58 am on January 21st
dennysmudge writes: really great
Posted: 12:13 pm on January 19th
DarylLee1 writes: that's great fabric groom
Posted: 3:42 am on January 11th
ajayind writes: looking nice fabric cards
Posted: 1:50 am on October 20th
mickysingh writes: wow its ni9ce
Posted: 12:00 am on October 17th
mickysingh writes: great design

Posted: 11:57 pm on October 16th
Austin_Ayword writes: cool design
Posted: 1:09 am on July 6th
Anna_Bloom writes: awesome design
Posted: 5:47 am on July 2nd
esteph6 writes: thumbs up
Posted: 4:44 am on July 2nd
esteph6 writes: great
Posted: 4:36 am on July 2nd
Deepak786 writes: cool
Posted: 4:38 am on April 9th
Ashtonjames writes: wow
Posted: 11:28 pm on March 15th
elizabeth563 writes: cool
Posted: 1:13 am on March 12th
Brettlii writes: impressive work :)
Posted: 1:52 am on February 28th
elizazet writes: always sharing this type of stuff
Posted: 11:07 am on January 21st
AkhilGupta writes: superb
Posted: 2:34 am on December 16th
johan21 writes: cool
Posted: 4:33 am on December 9th
johan21 writes: nice
Posted: 4:33 am on December 9th
Lissa53 writes: superb
Posted: 5:56 am on November 14th
Lissa53 writes: wow
Posted: 5:55 am on November 14th
Sofia56 writes: great
Posted: 12:16 am on November 11th
Sofia56 writes: amazing
Posted: 12:14 am on November 11th
jinkarten writes: wowwwwwwwwwww
Posted: 5:29 am on October 24th
munezlaine writes: coooooool
Posted: 11:16 am on September 11th
fosterlaine writes: really nice
Posted: 2:33 am on September 11th
sandylaine writes: impressive work :)
Posted: 9:55 am on September 10th
sunnylaine writes: superb
Posted: 1:32 pm on September 7th
montylee writes: rally nice
Posted: 2:40 am on August 27th
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