How To Create Your Own Cotton Bag

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  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine if you want to do it quicker).  
  • enough material for two rectangles of your chosen fabric:
    • You can choose the size of the rectangles based on how big you want the bag to be.
    • If you're stuck for time, you can just fold one large rectangle in half. This will mean you only have one side seam to sew up. 
    • Tip: Unbleached cotton can also work well.  
  • 2 pieces of wide heavy duty cloth ribbon (4 – 5 foot each in length)


To start with you should pre-treat your fabric. You can do this by washing it, drying it, and then try to iron out any creases or wrinkles.

Cut your two rectangles. 

Put the fabric's right sides together and stitch up them up. At this point, you can choose which the sides are and which parts are the top and bottom. Your seam should be about 1/2 an inch wide to make it sturdy.

Next thing is to iron the seams open.

Keeping things right sides together, look for the top of the bag. This will be the opening of the bag, so don't sew this part shut (easily done!).

If you want to use a sewing machine, create a zig zag stitch around the raw edge to prevent it from fraying. Next, fold it over about 1 ½ inch and pin it. Iron it but make sure you try to be as straight as possible so it looks better. Now all you need to do is straight stitch all the way around.

Now create a second row of stitches which will be about 1 1/4 inches from the upper edge.

If you're doing all this by hand it is a bit trickier. Start by folding over about 3/4 inch and iron it. Now you need to fold over another 3/4 inch and pin it. Iron it, being careful to make it nice and straight once again. Now simply straight stitch all the way around, about 1/2 and inch from the upper edge.

Add The Handles 

Make sure that both of the lengths of ribbon are the same size.

Sew the ribbon to the top of your rectangle to start the handle and then sew the other end of the ribbon about 2 inches apart. Be sure to make the size of the handle appropriate to the person that will be using it. If it is for an adult make the handle slightly longer but if it is for children make the handle shorter. Sew the handle to the bottom seam to create a stronger bag.

Do this on the other rectangle too to create a second handle. Make sure both pieces of ribbon are completely secure and are sewed in a way that makes them durable. Stitch back and forth a few time to ensure they are entirely secure.

All that is required now is to simply sew across the bottom of the bag to fix it all together. Then you have, a simple cotton bag for everyday use.

This is when you can get creative with the design of the cotton bag by transferring and stiches designs onto it. If you're stuck with ideas, here are some designs:

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