How To Make A Christmas Reindeer Gift Bag

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Video Length: 2:45
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What you'll need:


  • ·         Brown Paper Bags
  • ·         White Paper (or ready-made stencils) to create antlers
  • ·         Dark Brown Card
  • ·         Pom-poms for the nose
  • ·         Googly eyes
  • ·         Glue

      How to make it:

Step 1

Fold one of the paper bags back on itself 3/4s of the way up to the top to enable it to still open. Then draw a curve (free-hand) on the fold to create a semi-circle. Then cut along this line and this will create your reindeer's muzzle.

Step 2

Then use the antlers (made from a stencil or created yourself) and glue them inside one of the folds, and make sure the antler is facing up so it is the right way when folded. Do the same with the other antler too.

Step 3

Apply a small bit of glue to the googly eyes to start to create the face. Then do the same with a pom-pom to create the nose and then your reindeer gift bag made from a paper bag is complete.


For more information on where to find the items you'll need to make this, visit here:

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