Helpful Apron For Landscaping

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The fabrics
The ready apron
The fabrics

The fabrics

Every landscaper and gardener has had some negative experience while trying to organise all those tools and gadgets across the green work space. Even if you have great organisational skills, there's always the chance to forget something you need at the garden shed. Using this easy-to-make landscaper apron, you'll be able to load a bunch of things in the front pockets so that you know there's nothing missing while working. Now that the goal is clear, let's proceed with the actual job. But first of all, here are the materials you'll need:

  • About 1 metre and a half of fabric (choose one with a landscape theme if possible)
  • Snap fasteners
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins, scissors and the like

Here are the steps:

1. Let's start with the cutting

For the main part of the apron you need 2 rectangular pieces with size 17,5 x 40 cm.

Pockets: rectangle 12,5 x 40 cm.

For the waist band: measure a 15-20 cm wide piece/strip that is 10cm longer than what would fit around your waist.

2. Time for sewing

Keep an allowance of 12 mm for all parts and only for the waist band – 6mm.

Select what part of the pocket will be the top, fold it and sew. Same for the front piece. Align the bottom edges of both together and put some pins to hold them. From the side, measure 14 cm and sew straight, then another 14 and sew another line (bottom to top). Your front pocket is now ready to house all your landscaping tools!

Now align the bottom part with the two you just worked with, again taking their bottoms and pin them. Sew around the edges, only leaving the top side.

Waistband: fold half-cut fabric and sew all sides, except bottom. Next, put the raw edge of apron's back into the band's bottom, sew down and remove fabric that's left over.

3. Finishing

Sew on the snap fasteners to the middle opening of the front pocket – put one for every 10 cm of its length. The last task is to attach a button and a button hole that will keep the waistband fastened. Congrats, you brand new apron for garden landscaping is now good to go!

Pattern or design used: Paul's garden landscaping Melbourne
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