Up-cycle Cardboard Boxes Into Beautiful Storage Bins

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Tutorial Courtesy of Fantastic Removals Melbourne - professional house movers
Coat the bottom first
Cover the inside
Overlay the outsides
Add the grommets
Put the handles on
Tutorial Courtesy of Fantastic Removals Melbourne - professional house movers

Tutorial Courtesy of Fantastic Removals Melbourne - professional house movers

Photo: Fantastic Removals Melbourne

If you have recently moved to a new house, and you have countless cardboard boxes of all sizes, or if you're a shoe maniac, who gets a new pair of high heels every other week, and don't know what to do with all the shoe boxes, there is a solution. Experienced house movers in Melbourne suggest instead of just throwing away all the boxes, have some creative time to make a DIY storage containers, which will make a lovely addition to your home décor as well.

What you'll need:

  • Your old empty cardboard boxes, of course;
  • Fabric, preferably in two contrasting colours and patterns;
  • Scissors and quality spray glue;
  • Cotton cord, in your desired colour;
  • Grommets;
  • A metre, or a ruler;

What to do:

1. Prepare the boxes. Choose medium sized boxes, which will be most suitable for your indoor storage needs. Cut off the top flaps of the cardboard, so you will have a nice open box.

2. Now, prepare for a lot of measuring and cutting. Start by cutting off a piece of fabric that will cover the bottom of the bow. Cut it slightly larger than the actual box size. Use some of the spray glue to coat the bottom.

3. Next, you have to overlay the insides of the box. Continue using the same fabric, and cut two equal pieces, each of which long enough to cover two sides of the box. A handy tip - unroll the fabric as you fix it along the inside walls of the box. This will save you a lot messy occurrences.

4. Time to switch to the other fabric. Cut two equal pieces that will cover two opposite outside walls. Measure them to be larger, so that the fabric will cover the top and bottom edges, as well as the side corners.

5. Now cut another equal pieces for the remaining two outer sides of the box. They should be again big enough to cover the top and bottom edges, but this time should end right at the side corners, so the box will look sleek and pretty.

6. Final cut - measure some fabric with the exact size of the box bottom, and glue it on. Now you have a pretty and fully coated storage box!

7. This last step is optional, but for a finished look, and more convenience you can add cord handles to the boxes. Here's how to do this: use the ruler to measure the location of the wholes (the handles must be in the middle of the top edges of opposite sides) with about 10 cm apart. After you punch the wholes, secure them with the grommets (see how to do this here). Tie the cotton cord, and you have pretty and practical handles.

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EricColbert writes: Now this might just be because I'm a man, but I prefer hardier materials for storage like plastics and metals and wood. Some of the natural designs are nicer than any wrapping paper you can get. But my wife would say other wise and to give her a bit of beenfit of the doubt, I suppose a splash of colour here and there from a home project can't quite hurt! Just as long as you don't put the nice stuff in my garage!
Posted: 2:23 am on October 15th
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