Bargain Yarn Shopping – Build Your Stash for Less

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Tina_Hilton Tina Hilton, contributor
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ebay is a great place to score fine yarns for a bargain price--this angora yarn cost less than $3 per ball.
This wonderful cashmere blend (50% cashmere/50% baby alpaca) cost only $40 for 529 yards of knitting heaven.
One of my favorite on-line yarn sources is Knitpicks—they offer lovely products for a great price.
This is just a sample of the terrific yarns available online at Colourmart.
ebay is a great place to score fine yarns for a bargain price--this angora yarn cost less than $3 per ball.

ebay is a great place to score fine yarns for a bargain price--this angora yarn cost less than $3 per ball.

Photo: Tina Hilton

Bargain Yarn Shopping – Build Your Stash for Less

Being a knitter can be a very expensive proposition. Luxury yarns can set us back a car payment and even nice mid-range yarn will take bite a out of our household budget for a good sized project. How do we get the high-quality yarn we want without putting a strain on the checkbook? Employ the same tactics you use for all your other shopping: Watch for sales, network and shop the outlets. We’ll look at various opportunities for shopping satisfaction with retailers (storefronts and online), manufacturers and innovative tactics to find the best for less.

• Get to know all the yarn merchants in your area. Give them a call or, better yet, stop by to sign up for their mailing list. Being in the inner circle, you will be notified when their sales occur. Ask if they have a frequent buyer club. Some stores have a system that allows you to accumulate purchase points which you ultimately redeem for gift cards. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can have a discount on the yarn you are purchasing, especially if you a buying a bunch for a project. All they can do is say no.

• National craft stores like Michaels, Joann and Hobby Lobby are big on coupons. Check out your local paper for their ads and flyers and make sure to sign up to receive their emails which offer special discounts and inform you about their upcoming sales. These stores stock some good basic yarn staples you can pick up at a deep discount—look for wool yarns that are perfect for felting.

• Shopping for yarn online can be a hit and miss proposition but with careful selection and a little luck, you will score big.

  • eBay: I’m reluctant to point you to eBay because it may cause you to have yarn overload! If you haven’t scrolled through the countless pages of yarn listings you have not lived! There are a variety of sellers including yarn wholesalers and yarn shops plus folks thinning out their stash including Granny’s leftover acrylic afghan yarn. The auction environment may impair your good judgment and a bag of yarn may show up in your mailbox that no one in their right mind would have paid money for. Be careful and you will unearth some treasure.
  • Virtual yarn stores offer the latest yarns as well as closeouts and discontinued styles. Here are my favorites that I have successfully purchased from.
  • KnitPicks Their own brand of lovely yarn at great prices
  • Yarnsmiths Custom luxury yarns at unbelievable prices
  • Colourmart UK company dealing in designer cashmere and cashmere blends. Great prices and fast delivery.

• Arrange a yarn exchange event with your friends, local guilds or knitting groups. This is a good way to refresh your stash by contributing your “lapses in judgment” in exchange for something you will really use.

Knit well and often,

Tina Hilton

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Comments (3)

phydeaux writes: WEBS ( has great discounts (tiered based on dollar total) and even greater closeouts and sales -- I've been really happy with them and their service.

Another source is -- lots of great spinners and dyers offer wonderful yarns, and you can also find lots of "destash" yarns at really reasonable rates (and where else can you easily find an Italian or French yarn for a great price??)!
Posted: 11:37 pm on May 13th
MaweLucky writes: I also like Sarah's yarns. Fast,reliable,friendly,great prices and wonderful products.
Posted: 8:00 am on April 16th
SMVG writes: Good tips. I like EBay as well but it is easy to go overboard on supplies.
Posted: 12:04 pm on April 9th
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