8 Fun Arts and Crafts Projects with the Kids!

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Looking for an opportunity to bond with your kids during a rainy afternoon? Why not head down to your local arts and crafts store and pick-up some supplies? A littleglue and construction paper will allow you and your kids to take on a fun project around the house, letting your kids show-off their creative side! Don't want messy adhesives on the walls or your kid's fingers? Use fun, reusable Velcro to secure your project to the wall, or allow for quick adjustments without having to bring out the goo-be-gone!

1)    Fabric Tape Flowers

Tired of replacing wilted flowers week after week? Why not let your kids give mom a bouquet that will last a lifetime? Break out some fabric tape and your favorite vase, because your kids just became the neighborhood florist!


2)    Homemade Bucket Containers

Have a few extra buckets or glasses around the house that you aren't using? Good news! All those markers and pencils laying in your desk drawer have a new home! Pick up some paint, or permanent markers, and add some color to your pen collection.


3)    Fuzzy Coloring Boards

Having a little trouble tapping into your kid's creative genius? Don't worry! There are some great guided-coloring artwork available that can boost your child's confidence in their creative side.


4)    Tile Murals

Okay, I know, these are probably a tad bit advanced for your kids. However, there's no reason parents can't have fun too! Explore your creative side and show your kids how it's done with a beautiful tile mural that can accent any bathroom or kitchen. Who knows, maybe your child will challenge you to a couple rounds of tile wars!


5)    Paint Fling Art

Is your child just yearning to go outside and play? Well, turns out you've got an artistic Ace up your sleeve! Break out the trash-bag ponchos, paint brushes and paint as you and your kids splatter paint across a canvas of creativity and fun! Just make sure you protect the furniture, floor and walls. Cleaning up isn't half as fun as making the mess, trust me!


6)    Finger Painting

If paint flinging is too messy for your taste, maybe you'll cave and let your kids try out some finger painting! Let their fingers be the brush and create new colors as they mix their primary colors on paper to make a bright, vibrant picture that gives you a little picture of their personality.


7)    Candy-Dipping

Who says arts and crafts can't taste good too? Grab your favorite fruit (in my case, strawberries) and mix up a little culinary delight. Let your creative side shine as you and your kids compare patterns and textures as you dip your strawberries in vanilla, chocolate and nuts for a fun design.


8)    Spread a Little Love


Do you enjoy adding a little art to your hallways and doorframes? All you need are some kid-safe scissors, a stapler and some construction paper. Cut out the ribbons and then fashion them in the shape of a heart. For added fun, staple each heart to another and you'll have the perfect reminder to hang from your ceiling; telling you and your kids just how much love there is in the household.

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