How to organize a storage space in 5 easy steps

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There is a lot of old stuff and furniture that you no longer need, but since they may have earned a special place in your heart or could be used again in the future, permanently disposing of them is completely out of the question. In these cases what else can you do than look for the best way to store your belongings. There are many ways to do so, but not that many to do it properly. When storing your old stuff the key lies in the organization. Here are the five easy steps to do so.


1. Before you even start storing, you need to make sure that you have enough space and security to store what you need. Probably the best thing for the job is to get some container shelters to act as your storage units. They are perfect for this because they equip you with enough space for storing your stuff and at the same time keep it safe and secure. Apart from all this, they are very economical, practical and will suit your every need. After getting this settled it is time to organize and equip the inside of your storage space.


2. While there might be enough space inside your container shelter for all of your stuff, why not utilize it to the fullest by using even the room on its ceiling to your benefit. You can equip it with ceiling bike storage compartments or even invest a bit in an overhead storage accessories. In this way, you may significantly improve the logistics of your storage space and make more space to maneuver inside.


3. For some smaller items you would like storing, there might be a way that would please even the OCD people. I have just two words for you, garage cabinets. Easy to set up, they will help you keep in a safe and organized manner some smaller and more delicate items like cleaning supplies or some small tools and bolts. Apart from the cabinets, you may also want to invest in a garage shelves that would help really utilize your space and keep the large areas of your storage unit free for the crucial parts of your furniture.


4. Make sure to raise all the beds, sofas, and other furniture off the floor in order to create more room for ventilation. Increased ventilation will decrease the chance of mold or moisture appearing on your furniture. Some of your furniture also needs special preparation before storing so make sure to wax and polish the leather surfaces in order to prevent them from decaying.


5. When storing your mattresses make sure to seal them in at least 2 millimeter thick plastic bags in order to protect them from dust, mold and insects. If you want to keep your mattresses usable when you unseal them this step is a must. After this, place them in your storage unit and worry about them no more.


Although it may seem complicated now, just by following these five simple steps you may ensure the safety and satisfactory condition of your stored items for the years to come. Just by investing some time in planning and organization you may make your furniture storing as effective as it will be fun. 

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ChristopherJames writes: Thanks for sharing with us these simple yet very practical organizing steps. My personal key technique is to dispose of items that seldom get used from the storage space. Once we stop hoarding, we will get to realize that there is actually more room than we really need.
Posted: 11:41 pm on May 25th
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