How to Make a Flower Crown

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Flower crowns have been a major fashion staple recently, making their rounds from weddings to summer festivals. An increasing number of people is getting into the business of making them, in the hopes of making their life just a little bit more Pinterest/Tumblr. In February, a flower crown could make a dramatic entrance into the world of Valentine's Day decoration (for the person). So grab a fresh bunch of traditional Valentine's day flowers and pick them apart to put them back together!


Things You'll Need:

  • Flower wire (found in florist's shops)
  • Fresh flowers of different sizes but matching colors
  • Foliage as a filler (optional)



Take a wire and wrap it around your head twice, in order to get the dimensions of the crown. Floral wires are either green or brown, and they blend in nicely with the flowers you are about to braid in. More importantly, you are less likely to poke your head or chafe. Twist the two levels of wire around each other, and secure the end with with a loop.

Use the holes between the two levels of wire to string and braid flowers (with longer stalks for easier access) and other foliage. Add as many flowers as it takes to cover the entirety of the wire.

Try to balance out the flowers as you go along. A few larger blooms to place near the focal point of the crown, twice as many smaller flowers to bring them together, and plenty of filler to add some volume. Make sure you don't add too many flowers, or the wearer's neck might tire under the weight (yes, even flowers have weight!).


If you're making a crown out of fresh flowers, you really need to think about your timing. You need to make sure the flowers don't wilt. There are many ways to keep cut flowers fresh, but it's a little more difficult to work with arranged flowers out of water. A way to prolong your crown's lifetime is to make it one day before the event you choose to wear the crown at, and refrigerate it overnight. Some florists even sell special spray to keep the flowers from wilting for a longer period.

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