My Tips on how to make Handmade Shoe Accessory�s for your Outfit

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Everyone loves a nice new pair of shoes to go with their fresh new outfit. Whether it's the famous shoes from Christian Loubutin or simply a nice pair of Wellington Boots for that festival you've had booked all summer, everyone likes to flash of their new shoe wear. Sometimes though, it's not just about having a new pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Sometimes you can match your outfit even further by adding these cheap and easy to make accessories to go on your shoes. Lets have a look at my favourite ones!

Ribboned Shoes

If you have a shoe with a single strap over the top of your foot, a great way of matching it with the rest of your outfit is to put a coloured ribbon over the top of it. Having a variety of colours and designs at your disposal is a great way of finding the perfect pattern and colour to match the outfit you're planning to wear. It can also show support for a particular charity by showcasing the colour of the cause.

Flowery Look

These are the perfect accessories for all those comfortable slip on shoes you have at home. To create the small cute flower, you can use anything from paper to tissue to plastic. The idea is to place the flower on the top front of the shoe to give it a nice elegant but cute look, perfect for the summer! You can look up particular designs online if you're having trouble creating the right look yourself!

Braided Laces


A nice little touch to add a bit of colour to your shoes is to style your laces. Instead of having a simple, and quite frankly boring coloured lace, why not decide to braid a couple of smaller laces together to create a nice multi coloured one. What you need to be made aware of before this is to check that the holes in your shoes are big enough to accommodate the thicker laces! I've had this happen before when I created a lovely string of multi coloured laces and found it just wouldn't fit in my shoes!

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