How to Make a Macrame Door Curtain

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Photo: Vera Vandenbosch

In this excerpt from Mini Macramé: Jewelry, Belts, and Other Quick Macramé by Vera Vandenbosch, you'll learn how to create a twisted door curtain. This festive door curtain is a fun and inexpensive way to create some shade, keep the bugs out, and still get all the benefits from a delightful summer breeze.


Assorted lengths of:
3⁄16-in. braided
polypropylene rope
7⁄16-in. braided
polypropylene rope
Mason line
Parachute cord

Telescopic curtain rod
Hex nuts, 5⁄16 in.
Book, approx.
7 in. high
Foot stool

1. Install the rod in the door frame at the height at which you are making the curtain. Cut two 10-yd. lengths of rope. Fold each piece over so that one side is the height of the doorway (the other side will be much longer). Secure both pieces to the rod with a lanyard knot, making sure that the right cord of the left piece and the left cord of the right piece are the shorter ones. Make about 30 half square knots, this will result in a twisted effect. macrame door curtain 1


2. Slip a hex nut over the two center cords, and make one more knot. Make another knot about 12 in. down, followed by another hex nut and more square knots. Keep repeating Steps 1 and 2 until you have reached the bottom of the door curtain, making sure to vary the number of knots and the lengths of rope without knots. The overall effect should be random. macrame door curtain 2

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Comments (2)

ScarlettJones writes: It looks very nice. How much time do you think will be needed to make one like this?
Posted: 5:30 am on June 3rd
roselynbette writes: That seems really time-consuming, but at the end it might as well look reaaallly impressive.
Posted: 2:53 pm on April 5th
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