Popular Craft Predictions of 2015

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Having a hobby is usually the most efficient way of relieving stress piled up during a work week. As we are more and more exposed to all sorts of information about everything, today you can start doing most unusual things as your hobby and even earn some money by doing it. Taking up a craft as a hobby is always a nice thing to do, no matter how old you are. So, let's take a look at some interesting crafts that will be trendy in 2015.


Wood is always good


Although this is not anything specific for this time, working with wood has always been thought of as something noble and sophisticated. Nowadays it is often labeled as an activity that can contribute to environment preservation, as well. So, in 2015, when the level of deforestation in South America and Asia has never been higher, working with used wooden furniture items to refurbish them for something new is something every eco-aware person should do. From turning old closets into coffee tables and bookshelves, or even stairs to varnishing old wooden chairs and tables to protect them, doing wood-friendly activities will help reducing the amount of destroyed rainforests and make your home a cozier place.


Repurposing your old clothes


Sooner or later every closet becomes stuffed with dozens of old-fashioned or torn pieces of clothing. Those of you who have free time and want to do something creative and useful could start using those old clothes to make something interesting and modern. Old jackets and jeans can be turned into interesting pencil cases, wallets or even pillow cases. There are many other ideas for (re)using old jeans clothes, as well.

Apart from jeans, items such as old caps can be turned into gloves. Beside that, you could use old scarves and dresses for boosting your children's creativity by making interesting toys, dolls or even scarecrows in the garden. It will be quality time with your kids and there will be much more room your closets.


Soul food by your fingers


Although it might sound like recommending you to start making finger food, what we actually have in mind here is making interesting stuff with your fingers. For example, crocheting is one of those activities. This beautiful craft was forgotten for a long period of time, but over the last few years it seems that hand-made clothes have come to a fashion focus. It has numerous benefits for your mental condition and you can make all sorts of original items of clothes. Since nobody wants throwing away money on a new hobby, there are great yarn stores online which give special discounts and have user-friendly search options and recommendations.


Soap at home


The more products we are offered by large cosmetic manufacturers, the less we should trust them. If you want your skin to be treated in a natural way, you could start producing your own soap. You will see that the process is not difficult at all. What you need are ingredients that can be bought at very affordable prices and patience to wait for you to improve the sole production.



As you can see, many crafts are waiting for you to take them up. If you want get more ideas, check out PInterest and Etsy and make 2015 your year of crafts. 

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