How To Decorate Your Home With Crafts

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Who does not want to decorate his or her room aesthetically using different crafts? It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your rooms and you need not spend a whopping amount as such. There is no fixed formula for it. Just let your creative ideas flow and be a little experimental for adorning the rooms with various crafts. The nice thing is that at times, you can use old and used materials at home and recycle them to create decorative crafts that turn heads.

Below listed is a handful of room decorating ideas using crafts:

·      Using lights and shades can make a big difference in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room. You can change the lighting setup or install a designer table lamp or ceiling light with decorative to make a visional impact. Using soft and diffused lighting at the bedside can also help create a different atmosphere in the room.

·      Small accessories like waste bins can be decorated to jazz up the appeal of your rooms. You can take a dated, rusty metal bin and spray paint it with various hues. Keeping the coloured bin next to study table is a nice idea. You may also paste paper frills by the opening of the bin.

·      There are many things you can do with old, unused garments lying in the house. Take a white cardboard and make animal figures using scissors and old clothes of various hues. Now, paste the cloth figures on the white board. Attach ribbons at four corners of the board. Hang it on the wall and see what a difference it makes!

·      The cake tins bought during Christmas can be reused as designer baskets for keeping things organized at the study table. You can take such old tins, oval or round in shape and paint with bright colours. Alternatively, you can also wrap the tins with decorative paper. Keep it on the study table for containing pens and other stationeries.

·      Add a dash of color and style to the old and drab looking cushions lying on the bed and sofa with a little creativity. Buy white or cream coloured cushion covers. Now, use old clothes like shirts, frocks and pants and cut geometric shapes using scissors. Use your stitching skills and stitch the shapes on one side of the cushions. Use bright and dark coloured clothes to make shapes. Combine shapes like triangle, circle and hexagon for visual impact. Watch how the same cushions now sparkle up the appeal of your rooms.

·      Take old liquor bottles, preferably ones with oval shape bottom and stick bright coloured paper using adhesives. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Now, you may use it like a beautiful flower vase on the table.

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