Creative Half Table Design

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People are able to do anything in order to save some space and make things practical and functional. This half table is a unique way of handling a small balcony. It may look ridiculous to you at first glance, but the invention is quite useful.

If you are one of these people living in a small apartment with a tiny balcony in a big city like Melbourne for example, continue reading and find out how to create one of your own. It is an option to buy a manufactured one, but doing so requires both more expenses and time for searching and waiting for a delivery.

The best situation for you in any aspect would be to possess an old round table, which you cannot fit on your balcony with two chairs and because of that you no longer use. If not go to the nearest second-hand shop and buy the table that you think will best fit your space and the design solution of your apartment.

If you are good at dealing with odd jobs by yourself, go for it. Cut the table, smooth the edges, polish the surface and add a coat of varnish. The table legs need to be reconstructed too, maybe cut a half. Yes, this will make the half table quite unstable, that's why you need to fix it to the railing of the terrace or the wall depending on where you place it, so that you can be sure that the whole thing won't fall down when you start using it.

If you are not sure you can handle everything on your own, just contact some licensed handymen that you can trust and for which you've checked they have years of experience in this field. I know that you would feel proud to splurge to your friends that you've created the item on your own, but sometimes it's better to confide in someone else to cope up with the work for you.

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