4 Simple Ways to Jazz Up Your Home

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Plants make everything better~!
wall decor with tape
more floor painting
Plants make everything better~!

Plants make everything better~!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials, guides, inspirational photos of amazing decorations and upgrades you can easily achieve at home. By doing it yourself! Easy and affordable, so simple you may have overlooked them.

1. Paint the Floor

This is great especially if you have old wooden floors and no time or money to restore them. Painting will not only make them look fresh and unique, but you can also experiment with patterns and colours. Most people go for white paint, but I am a die-hard fan of the black and white (or orange and blue) diamond shaped pattern! Or you can even paint a carpet on.

2. Temporary Wall Art Decor

Okay, this Contemporary DIY Wall Art Guide is full of awesome decoration especially suitable for anyone living in a rented space, who can't really make permanent changes. Nonetheless, they're perfect for virtually anyone. In this guide you will find geometrical washi tape decorations, patterned tape decorations, vintage DIY marquee signs, "painting" a wall with fabric, faux tape frames, 3D origami wall art which also can be organizers and etc. Here's my favorite example of what you can achieve with simple neon colored tape:

3. Plants! Plants! Plants!

Needless to say, plants are a great idea for any home. They freshen the place up, great as decoration anywhere and improve the air quality. Personally, I have a collection of cacti that grows every year. And they are super easy to mantain. Of course, growing herbs around the house is the best, because not only do you get a plant to make your place look fresh, but you also get fresh herbs for cooking whenever you want. You can find all kinds of DIY plant ideas on pinterest, hanging plants, upcycled plant containers from plastic bottles and milk cartons.

4.Transform Your Wooden Furniture

Many people have this problem with old furniture. You don't want to throw it away, but it doesn't look as great anymore. Problem solved. All you need is paint or washi tape or fabric or some cool paper/napkins/maps for decoupage. Basically almost any of the tutorials for wall decor can be applied for furniture decor. And decorating your furniture will be easier than doing big home remodelling or just buying new stuff. Of course, another perk, as in all DIY is that, you made it yourself and you put it out into the world. For me that's the biggest reward of these project.

Have fun with these, fellow DIY enthusiasts, I hope these ideas were useful to you.

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