Make Your Own Curtains Out of Sheets

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Window coverings are usually pretty expensive and I figured I'll look for a cheaper alternative. I came to many ideas, but one in particular stood out. I tend to get tired of my sheets and when I realized I can turn them into window curtains I was the happiest woman on Earth. Not only I was about to have the plain white curtains I have always wanted, but I would have saved money on buying new window coverings. That's pretty darn amazing, isn't it? 

1. Start of with washing the sheets you want to use for the project. It's also a good idea to iron them, because wrinkles won't help you achive the desired sleek look.

2. Use the hemmed part of the sheets as the top of your curtains because this is how you'll be able to hang them and create tabs. Cut open the sides of the hem and start measuring. 

3. The next step (and almost the last one) is to cut slits on the back of the hemmed part. This is where you'll put the rod in order to hang the curtains up. Make sure you cut only one layer (the back one) because otherwise the rod will be visible and you don't want that. place the rod and put them up. Yes, it is that simple! No sewing, no anything! 

Have in mind curtains won't hide dust and other build ups on the windows, so make sure you take care of the hygiene. Check this post on how to clean uPVC window frames if you feel the need to do that.

Of course, if you want you can colour the fabric in the desired colour or pattern. I'll go for the white clean look. 

Hope you liked it! Dig out your old sheets now! 

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