Easy Christmas Crafts 'Bird House'

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Prepare the toilet paper roll!
Create the window.
Make the Roof
Attach the Owl
Prepare the toilet paper roll!

Prepare the toilet paper roll!

One of the reasons why I love Christmas so much, even Down Here (in OZ), where we almost don't get any snow, is that Christmas has the power to bring out the creativity in everyone. It can turn even Scrooge into a DIY-er and the results are often amazing! 

I saw this project on my company's Christmas workshop. Each year we organise a workshop and everything we make is sold at our Fantastic Christmas Bazaar. All the money go to charity and this is why all the credits for this amazing project here go to Fantastic Cleaners. What I loved most about the project was that it was easy to make. It's a great project for kids old enough to know how to work with scissors and it's definitely lots of fun even for the older ones!

We definitely loved it!  

Another great aspect of this project is that it requires little preparation and most of the items you can find easily at home. 

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Toilet paper roll
  • A4 Sheets of Paper (different colours);
  • Glue;
  • Sharp scissors and craft knife; 
  • Paper with a pattern (preferrably a bird - I had a very cute owl)
  • Double-sided sticky tape; 
  • Green marker (or any other color by choice)
1. Get your toilet paper roll and prepare it by gluing a colourful sheet. You can spray paint, or decoupage your toilet paper roll (although decoupage can make cutting a window more difficult later). Apply an extra layer of glue around the edges and make sure it looks natural. 
2. Use the craft knife to cut through the toilet paper roll and to make a window for your bird. Use a pen to draw the lines where you need to cut. That will make it easier. 
3. Draw a circle on one of your colourful paper sheets (I used paper that had a pattern on it, because I wanted to make it more Christmassy). Good thing about this project is that it isn't really holiday-related. Anyway, draw a circle and cut it out. This will be the roof of your bird house. 
4. Use the double-sided sticky tape to attach your cone to the toilet paper roll. 
5. You can enhance the base of your bird house (the toilet paper roll) by sticking paper in different colours. 
6. Cut a small owl, or a bird (previusly printed out) and glue it with a double-sided tape so that it shows on the window. 
7. You can colour the inside of the windows if you want to. 
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Pattern or design used: Fantastic Carpet Cleaners
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