Free Recycled Heart in a Light Bulb

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Giving the one you love the right present however can be a challenge if you're not all that familiar with their tastes just yet. Using recycled variants of presents will take time to craft them, but it will be an effort well spent and a time you can spend gladly. We will cover one potential idea here, although there are many opportunities to find other DIY and recycled materials you can use to make your present a reality. You can find many of these materials after you are done with a house clearance and overall waste removal. The following example should serve to get you started:


The items you will need for the project of making a Valentine's Day Light bulb are the following:

· A round light bulb

· Some craft wire

· A pair of pliers

· Screwdriver and hammer

· Foam board

· An X-acto knife

· Crafting glue

· Acrylic paint


When that is done you will need to get on with the process, starting with the first step:


1. You will need to cut about five pieces from the foam board for the base of your project. Just cut out two square pieces at the bottom and for pieces for the sides. Cut out a round piece from the center of any of your center pieces. The round cutout must be big enough to gold the bottom part of the bulb, but not too large. Glue the sides to the bottom square piece that has no holes one by one and you will have a complete base.

2. You can use acrylic paint to draw polka dot patterns on the base. You can of course use a different approach if you feel like it, especially if you want to make it with a message of your own. Glue a strip with the message to the base and you will have a good look.

3. Take the wire and make a round bend on one end. Create a tight bend that is adjacent to the first loop itself, as this will be the center part of the heart inside the bulb. Measure and keep them straight where necessary and see about cutting off any extra wire as needed. Make both halves of the heart connect and you will have the baseline of the light bulb as needed.

4. You can make another heart at a smaller length by cutting a round piece of Styrofoam, using it to insert the piece into the bottom part of the bulb. Insert the two heart strands into the round Styrofoam piece as well.

5. Now that you have this you will need to carefully remove the bottom metal part of your light bulb, breaking out the filament and other smaller pieces. Be careful during this step as you can easily crack the glass if you mess up. Using a screwdriver and a hammer you can open the metal. Hold the bulb carefully and use the hammer to treat the metal pieces only. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure to the bulb. After hammering the metal will star to break and you can remove it. Carefully remove the filament and other pieces from inside the bulb. You can rely on burnt out light bulbs from a time when you tried doing some house clearance and overall junk removal when you work on things.

6. Take the heart stands on the Styrofoam and place them inside the bulb carefully. Push them all the way in and work on fixing them to the bottom side of the bulb. Glue the sides and you will be done in no time at all.




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