The Un-Cosby Sweater

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This is the story of an epic garment refashioning.  It started a week ago when I was at Goodwill looking for neckties to use for a different project.  I decided to look through the sweaters and this one practically jumped out at me.  It is a practically new, chunky knit, black cotton sweater, with neon rainbow threads running through it.  But this is where the good qualities stop.  It was hardly worn because it is a total Cosby Sweater.  Large and shapeless, the kind that makes anyone and everyone look old and more than a little overweight.  I bought it anyway, in hopes of turning it into a cute and wearable sweater.

A few days later I found a great tutorial about making a drape-necked shirt from a thrift store muumuu.  I was so eager to try the pattern, but I didn't have any muumuus lying around and wouldn't be going to the thrift store again for a while.  At the same time I was struggling to figure out what to do with this sweater.  Turn it into a cardigan?  Cut it down to a better sweater?  Wear it as a dress?  And then it hit me.  Make a draped-neck sweater.

So I cut out the pieces according to the online tutorial, found some coordinating fabric from my stash of fat quarters, and voila!  It didn't quite turn into a drape-necked top (the knit fabric is way to heavy for that to work) but it is still way more attractive than the original.

Pattern or design used: Draped-neck Top
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Jen1964 writes: One quick question: how did you secure the knitted work, so that it didn't unravel once you cut it? So many times, reworked clothes don't look the way I imagined. Still, I'm willing to try. I think if the stitching is matched to the use, it should help. My Grandma used to cut anything and re-stitch it to fit, but she never did the work around us, so I never got to see how she did it. She was old-fashioned trained, and could make her own patterns from brown paper. Came in awfully handy. No sweater or knitted thing was safe from her scissors! It's fun to be that brave, sink or swim, and I like to hear from other people with that kind of guts.
Posted: 4:44 pm on October 25th
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