4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Handicraft Now

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Handicrafts are decorative objects created by hands. Usually, these are created by indigenous tribes and people from the rural areas. Because of the domination of capitalism, the emergence of handicrafts is yet to occur. Instead of patronizing handicrafts, society is predisposed of preferring accustomed brands.

Today, I will convince you to support the production of handicrafts by giving 4 simple reasons why you should get up from your seat, embark on an enlightening ride to the countryside, and buy a handicraft now. This activity involves the creation of objects such as sculptures, totems, and masks in a unique way. Using a crafted base, layers of newspapers are glued in order to create the object


Almost everything is limited edition!

Because handicrafts are created through hands, artists always have a different take on the design. Therefore, every handicraft that is created is surely unique. If the sales for particular items increase, this is the only time that artists produce identical objects. But why is it good if stocks are limited? Good question. Naturally, people do not want other people having the exact item that they purchased, specifically in decorations. Therefore, if you buy a handicraft, you can assure that you are one of the fortunate people to possess that item!


It helps the local artistry.

Apart from being the primary source of livelihood, handicrafts also hone the artistic skill of creators. For them, every handicraft that is bought is a contribution to the enrichment of their culture. If the handicrafts increase in popularity therefore, more people will be able to appreciate the culture of these groups. As a result, the mainstream society becomes more aware of the status of their living which is important in uplifting their lives.


It's really affordable!

Because handicrafts are local products, the demand for them is lesser as compared to the most popular brands. As a result, the prices of handicrafts are substantially lower. Moreover, since these local artists just aim to earn money to sustain their daily necessities, they would not likely overprice their products. In fact, sometimes, the value that you can get from buying a handicraft is greater than the price you paid for it. In comparison, the most popular brands which are mass-produced are expensive because of the additional costs from the producer to the distributor. Although handicraft producers don't have massive machines and internal ticketing systems, they can be bought by almost everyone. So if you want to get your money's worth, prefer a handicraft now!


It protects the environment.

Another reason why handicrafts are so affordable is because the materials used by the artists are found in nature. In fact, some of the commonly used are those that aren't used by the rest of society. These refer to water lilies that just clog bodies of water, dried leaves that contribute to forest fires, and other indigenous materials. In comparison, the raw materials of their counterparts undergo several processes that produces harmful chemicals that hurt air quality and contribute to global warming. So, if you are a green crusader who wants to lengthen the life of our Mother Nature, take on the responsibility and prefer handicrafts.

 These are just a few reasons why you should purchase a handicraft now. I hope that with these, you are already convinced that buying one handicraft can contribute to social change.

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