5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With Hemp Fiber

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As one of the most durable and sustainable types of fiber, hemp is a material that has been used for centuries. In fact, according to some experts, hemp has been grown for at least the past 12,000 years – if not longer!

Needless to say, hemp is an incredible material that can be utilized for countless purposes. From adding stylish embellishments to holding packages together, hemp is one versatile fiber.

Originating from the cannabis plant, hemp is 100% legal to wear and create jewelry with. And available at nearly any craft store, hemp is a fantastic fiber to let your creativity go wild with.

Just check out these 5 uses to get your inspiration flowing!

1.) String Art

String art is as popular as it is fun.

Whether you're looking to create a string heart or a string star, there are countless crafts you can create from hemp fiber. Decorate a walking stick, twine ball, or even a picture frame, it's up to you!

Need a little inspiration?

Check out Pinterest for more string art or let your imagination take the reigns. Above all, though, whatever you do, make sure to have some fun along the way.

2.) Embellishment

Thanks to the plant's versatile nature, hemp also happens to make an excellent embellishment. Add hemp cord to any project to instantly give it an "au natural" look.

Spruce up a mason jar with a hemp cord or tie a hemp bow around a card, the options are nearly endless! An affordable and durable material, hemp is the perfect choice for giving your favorite items a whole new look.

Use it at home or even on the go.

3.) Jewelry

Hemp jewelry makes a great addition to any outfit.

Stylish and natural, hemp jewelry is incredibly simple to make! In fact, depending on the look you desire, you can create a stunning piece within minutes.

Add a few beads or twist a few braids to really make your jewelry pop.

Or, consider taking your crafting to the next level by learning how to spiral weave or tie a macramé knot for a truly one of a kind look.

4.) Packaging

Yet another attribute of hemp fiber, it also makes for the perfect packaging material. Wrap a hemp twine or a hemp cord around any package for a stunning finish.

Simple yet striking, this look takes only seconds to achieve.

Want to make your packaging stand out even more?

Add other touches such as a burlap bow or a wooden tag to give your creation a whole new look. Affordable and natural, hemp fiber is a packaging staple.

5.) Hang Tags

Why use string when you can use hemp fiber. Strong, stable and cheap, what more could you ask for in a material?

To use, simply loop the hemp cord around a hole and voilà – you have a stylish and functional hang tag.

Perfect for packages, ornaments, price tags, and so much more, hemp fiber offers a natural way to present any item you wish. Tie the fiber into a simple bow for a classic look or make it pop with a braided twist.

So, is this everything you can do with hemp fiber?

No way, but it does cover some of the most popular! As one of the most diverse and storable fibers, consider trying it for yourself to see what kind of creations you can make.

After all, affordable for every budget, there's no reason why you wouldn't want to add some hemp fiber to your craft collection today!

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