Make It Pink: Traditional Appliqué on Knit

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Shannon_Dennis Shannon Dennis, contributor
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Stitch your design onto your hoodie with a satin stitch.
Use fusible knit interfacing to stabilize your knit but still allow a natural stretch.
Trace your design onto Steam-A-Seam II.
Stitch your design onto your hoodie with a satin stitch.

Stitch your design onto your hoodie with a satin stitch.

Photo: Shannon Dennis

What two colors are cuter than pink and brown? I started with this cute fleece hoodie and some adorable pink polka dot fabric to use for my ribbon appliqué. I LOVE dots! Whenever I appliqué on knits, I prefer to stabilize the knit with fusible knit interfacing. Fuse the knit interfacing onto the wrong side of your project with a warm iron.

Iron fusible knit interfacing to the wrong side of your knit fabric.

The knit interfacing will help stabilize the fabric yet allow it to still have a natural stretch so it doesn't look like you fused a block of wood to your hoodie! Next, draw the ribbon onto Steam-A-Seam II and follow the instructions for placing it onto the fabric. Steam-A-Seam II is my personal preference, but you can also use Wonder Under-type products as well.

Follow the instructions on the Steam-A-Seam II package to create a ribbon from your fabric. Start by tracing the design onto the Steam-A-Seam II.

Rough-cut around the ribbon, then place it sticky side down onto the right side of the hoodie in the same area where you fused the interfacing. Press with a warm iron to temporarily fuse the Steam-A-Seam II in place on the hoodie. This will allow you to appliqué with no pins! Using a water-soluble marking pen, transfer the "crossing" lines from the ribbon onto your appliqué.

Place your ribbon onto your hoodie, and lightly fuse in place with a warm iron.

Select a satin stitch on your sewing machine. If you do not have a satin stitch built into your machine, select a zigzag stitch and set your stitch width to 3.0mm and your stitch length to 0.5mm. For even better results, use a piece of light, tear-away stabilizer on the wrong side of the hoodie to further stabilize the fabric while you are sewing. Stitch around your ribbon, then tear away the stabilizer and enjoy your finished project!

Use a satin stitch or simple zigzag stitch to sew your ribbon in place. Tear away the unneeded stabilizer.


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