How to Make a Simple Paper Decorations for a Casual Tablescapes

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If you have an upcoming get together or party planned, you probably are on the lookout for décor ideas to commemorate the event. If you ae short on time and are trying to put your occasion together quickly, there are a few different ideas that you can use to make a casual tablescape for virtually any event.

Paper Decoration Ideas

There are a few different table décor ideas when it comes to creating a beautiful tablescape with paper décor. Here are a few to help you get started in decorating for your next get together.

Wishing Well

A wishing well is a great idea when you are having a party with friends and family. It can be a nice table centerpiece to commemorate someone's birthday or anniversary. You have strips of paper passed around your party to your guests. Guests will then write a message or a wish to the honoree and twist them into a spiral shape. Be sure to include a plate, bowl or glass vase to collect the well wishes.

Pleated Wedding Poufs

Paper décor for tables at a wedding can be an affordable a cheaper route to go than traditional table decorations. And the best part is while they save you money, they look as good as the rest. These pleated poufs are easy to create; you really just have to make sure you fold them correctly.

You want to cut the sheets of paper in half lengthwise. Then you will want to fold them into an accidently in a horizontal fashion. When each piece is folded, sew through your paper poufs using a needle and fan them out to complete. If you are interested in learning more ways to save at your wedding check out for more ideas.

Paper Heart Chain

If you are celebrating an anniversary, wedding, or Valentine's Day, these paper heart chains make a great decoration to put on the table or even hang up. To make them it's really fairly simple. All you need is paper, pencils, crayons and scissors.

While you can use any see paper, you want to stick with an A4 size to make it easier. Cut the paper in half lengthwise, fold one piece according style until you've folded the entire sheet. Draw a heart on the top of the paper and cut it out.

Once you've cut it, begin to unfold to reveal your chain of hearts. You can use crayons or other coloring tools to decorate these hearts any way you please.


With a variety of paper décor options and centerpieces to choose from, you can host and decorate any table on a budget easily. From weddings to birthdays and everything in between, there is a paper style decoration available for any party.

Using crayons or colored pencils is another way to customise your décor to suit your needs and party them. Hosting any party on a budget is not difficult at all when you put your mind to it.

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