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What is a Handicrafts?

Handicrafts are exclusive expressions and signify a tradition, culture, and heritage of a nation or a certain community.


Top Handicrafts/Design Classes

In several nations, the handicraft industry is one of the major productive sectors of their economy. Mechanical tools may be put into use as long as the direct physical involvement of the artisan retains its substantiality as a component of the finished product. Handicrafts are made from raw materials of different kinds produced in unlimited quantities. Products of handicraft can be aesthetic, creative, utilitarian, artistic, culturally involved, ornamental, functional, old-fashioned, socially and religiously symbolic and important.Handicrafts are extensively products which are produced entirely by the hand with the aid of simplify business tools.


There are several classes of handicrafts which present design ideas for instance pottery, paintings, and drawings, stonework as well as attires –shoes and clothing. Pottery is the substance from which pottery ware is made of which major kinds are stoneware, porcelain and earthware. Pottery is made by forming a clay body into objects of a needed shape and heating them over at high temperatures for hardening.



Tatting is another kind of handcraft whereby specifically durable lace is made through a series of loops and knots. It is formed by a pattern of rings from a series of half-hitch knots over a core thread which is used for decorative purposes. Macrame is another form of textile-making using knotting. The primary knots are square like and is mostly used by sailors, especially to decorate parts of the ship, knife handles among others.



The other form of handcraft is crocheting which is basically forming fabric from yarn or other strands using a crochet hook. Tapestry is another form of handicraft which is woven on a vertical loom. Threads are hidden on the backside unlike in cloth weaving. Mosaic, on the other hand, is a form of creating images using small pieces of colored glass, stone or other material. It is attached to some spiritual and cultural significance as in a cathedral. Another form of handicraft is a collage which is used in visual arts where the artwork is constructed from an assemblage of different origins hence creating a new whole. This design idea is viable for an interested person.



Finally is the calligraphy which is a type of visual art linked to writing. It is the execution of lettering with a broad tipped instrument. It is giving form to signs in a harmonious, expressive and skillful manner. Weaving is another common form of handicraft where the fabric is produced in two different sets of yarns interlaced at particular angles to form a cloth.

Handicrafts hold an important role in representing the culture and practices of any region or country. They present a very considerable medium to reserve rich old-fashioned culture, art, and heritage linked to a people's history and lifestyle. Handicrafts also project an economical importance as it attaches itself to the tourism industry. They provide sufficient chances for employment as much as they at times necessitate low capital investments and hold prominence in terms of foreign earnings.


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