Make Some Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

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Pop Up Book

If your child likes books and storys, make with him/her a storybook! It's very easy.

The easiest way to start a pop up book is to take a piece of paper and cut 2 small equal slits. Then you fold in the piece that you just cut, giving you a 90 degree angle on the inside fold. You can glue creatures, pictures, or figures on the pop out folds to make them stand up when you open your page. Once you have all your pages done, you can just glue the backs together to form a book. My daughter has about 5 pages done but not the cover. This is one of those projects that keeps getting more fun as she figures out new ways to do the pages and create the story.

Make mirror Picture

Paint and make a mirror picture. Come on kids, it's your exercise!

Fold your piece of paper in half, open it, and drip or paint some picture to painting on one half of the paper. Close the paper together and press it so the paint gets all squashed together between the two sides of paper. Then open the paper up. The mirror picture is now revealed. The pattern created is called a mirror picture as one side is a mirror image of the other.

Make Paper Spinner

WOW! It's as fast as a lightning. Try to make one and play with it! Spinner made from paper.

A small spinner made from a toothpick and colored paper strips held together with glue. Cut cardboard or printer paper in different colors into strips. Start winding them carefully around a toothpick, adding a little glue from time to time – it will make the paper easier to bend. When you're done, cover the sides with glue so the rolled paper will not rotate around the axis. The spinner will be ready to play with as soon as the glue has dried.

Heart Wreath

Do you want a wreath like that? You can do it easyli, and you need only paper to do it.

Cut strips of paper 1″ wide and 8 ½" long using a paper-cutter. You will need 4 pink and 4 red strips. Fold each strip in half and cut along the crease. Layer 4 strips of paper as pictured. Two pinks sandwiched between two reds. Staple the bottom together. Pull the two red strips away from the pink strips to form a heart. Place a pink strip on each side of the red heart & Staple together. Continue this pattern until you are finished. Your heart chain should look like this. Connect the two ends to form a circle. Shape the red and pink strips to form hearts. Then staple together. Add some ribbon to your finished heart wreath. Hang up and enjoy!

That's all you can enjoy with your craft.

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