How to Make Your Own Slippers Using an Unused Sweater

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This is a tutorial that you can use to turn your old and unused sweaters into new and comfortable slippers for your feet. This works with any type of sweater. Anything that would be soft and comfortable walking around in will be perfect for this. You can use a thick sweater to keep your feet extra warm, or a thin sweater to let your feet breath. The choice is yours.

What You Will Need

In order to do this, you will need a few items. You will need a sweater, a good pair of fabric shears, a pencil or pen, a manila folder, felt, double-sided tape, a sewing machine or a needle and thread. Once you have all these materials together, you are ready to get started party wear kurtis collection among other.

Tracing Your Feet

Using a piece of cardboard or thick paper, trace an outline of your feet. A manila folder is good to use for this. You want something that is thick so that it will hold its shape. Thin paper will crinkle and it could result in an inaccurate measurement.

When you trace the outline of your foot, leave a little space for your toes. These are supposed to be comfortable slippers. They don't have to fit your feet perfectly. Make a rough outline of your feet and make sure they somewhat resemble the same shape as an insole.

Cut out the Pattern

Remove your foot and darken in the line. Using a good pair of scissors, cut the insole out and use them to trace and cut out a matching shape using the felt. The felt will serve as the bottom of the slipper.

Adding the Felt

Double up on the felt so that it will not wear out as you walk around in them. Once the felt is cut, secure them together using double-sided tape, and sew them around the outside.

Cutting the Sweater

Using the pattern, cut out a large area around the sweater that you are going to use. You should leave a half inch of clearance in front of the toes, and plenty of space around the heel.

The felt will be sewn at the bottom of the sweater that you just cut out to form the insole.

Cut out the Sleeves

Next, cut each sleeve around 5 inches from the opening. The sleeve will cover your toes when you wear the slippers. The longer the sleeve is, the more of your foot it will cover.

Attach the sleeve starting from the toe of the insole and sew up around to the top where your ankle will be. As you do this, double check that there is enough room for your foot to fit in the slipper without being too loose.

Stitching the Heel

Now it is time to stitch the heel together. Cut to slits on either side of the heel starting from the back of the foot, and up to where the felt begins at the heel.

Next, fold the two side flaps on top of each other, and tuck the middle piece under it. Sew up from the base of the heel, and work your way to the top of the heel to complete the backing of the slipper.

You Are Finished!

Congratulations, you just made your very own slippers! If it doesn't go as planned the first time, you can always try again. In the meantime, we recommend trying some of these slippers while you work on making your own.

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