10 DIY Food Packaging Design Ideas Anyone Can Do

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Eating or drinking foods in well-designed packaging can add so much to the experience. Many food manufacturers understand that packaging can affect your decision on whether to purchase an item or not. However, you can use various food packing design for homemade meals. Receiving or offering a well-presented homemade gift can be an unforgettable experience. Consider using these packaging design ideas to pack homemade niceties such as snacks, cakes, and candy.


1.Triple-Ginger Gingersnaps

This is one of the best packaging design for ginger cookies. Tuck the ginger cookies into clean, recycled coffee cans covered with decorative paper. Attach ribbon and trim with glue. Use holiday wrapping paper to cover a coffee can and its lid. Stick a clear ribbon around the lid and tie it altogether with a wide bow.


2.Amaretto Cream Truffles

Exotic foods are worth an exclusive presentation. Amaretto cream truffles packed in mini paper cups make the perfect holiday gift. Add a basket-weave box lid to complete the look. Cut long light green ribbon strips. Attach the ends of the ribbon inside the lid with a hot glue gun. Completely cover the lid with the ribbons and weave deeper green ribbons between the light ones. This arrangement will create a web like pattern.


3.Saltine Toffee Bark

Saltine Toffee Bark is a new family favorite and it tastes better than brittle. Pack pieces of the bark in decorated cardboard gift tubes. You can also use recycled oatmeal containers wrapped in decorative paper. Trim using a pompom fringe and add a newspaper bow to complete the look. Cut newspaper strips into equal width and different lengths. Create loops by folding ends of the strip inward toward the center of strip. Make small, medium, and large looped strips by stapling similar size strips together to form an X shape. Do this on top of each other in irregular directions and staple them together at the center. Create a small loop and stick it into the center to conceal the staples and complete the bow.


4.Mini Cake Stand

Begin with an award badge from a hobby shop as a base. Using patterned-edge scissors, cut smaller circles out of a colorful scrapbooking paper. Attach the paper circles to the badge's backside and seal it with a dab of glue.


5.Curried Cranberry Snack Mix

Curried cranberry snack mix is an easy to make snack. Pack it in either a shiny glass or an acrylic can decorated with cotton yarn. Wind the yarn in shades of pink and red around the can before topping with a pompom to give you attractive candy cane brightness. A homemade pompom is simple to make. Start by lining up a trio of red, fuchsia, and pink yarn and a dozen or so casual loops .Then wrap a tail of yarn around the center two times. Collect the loops and fold them upwards simultaneously wrapping the tail of yarn around the base. Tie off and stick it to the package.


6. Macadamia & Coconut Caramels

Wrap macadamia or coconut caramels in individually waxed paper. Lined a cookie tin with tissue paper and add the nuts to the tin. Use brushing glue and sprinkling glitter to personalize the tin with initials. Tie a wide satin ribbon to finish the look.


7.Great Granola

Granola looks fabulous when stored in a see-through container decorated with tinsel. Tie the container in a holiday bulb.


8.Christmas Cranberries

Add bourbon in small heavy-duty glass storage with an airtight lid. Wrap the lid with a vintage cloth napkin of tea towel. Complete the look with a ribbon and small ornaments.


9.Cognac Date Squares

Slip a bottle of cider or cognac into a reusable fabric sandwich bag. Tie with a ribbon to complete the look.


10.Vacuum Packing Meat

This is a meat packaging design that involves the use of graphics to show exactly what sort of meat product is in the wrapping and from which part of the animal the cut came from. Set the label in a plain white background and use minimal black print and basic livestock illustrations. Distinguish rumps from ribs using red and golden rectangles. You may need to learn how the vacuum packing is done and need a food packaging machine and meat processing equipment for this.


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