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Hey guys.


I'd love some feedback on my new children storybook, which I have designed and hand crafted myself. The item is now available to buy on Amazon and I hope it does well. The usp of this book is using physical objects such as plasticine and lots of different papers and utensils commonly found in a classroom. I think it gives off that special DUY factor that many other children's storybook are lacking in these days. The Moulin Roty toy range and Roald Dhal books especially inspired me. 


Enjoy and share if you like it! 





Here are some of my pages for you to provide feedback for:

Single Page example - 1 

In this page design I have used plasticines and tin foil mainly when creating the animal characters. The fish were the hardest to maek, as it took me some time planning out how to combine the tin foil and crayon pattern without making a big mess. The marmaid was easier to create - I used water colours and thick card, and then added pencil for after effect. 


Single Page example - 2 

The shark is one of my favouriste aspects of the story - because he is fearsome, I needed to use colours that represent danger, such as the tints of red. His eyes are made of buttons. 


Single Page example - 3

The cave was quite fun to maek. I took thick card and covered it with oil pastels. And then used white paint to outline some skulls. The shapes you see in the background are sting rays that have been made from multiple layers of felt paper and transparent tracing paper. It gives a lovely patterned effect. 

Single Page example - 4

This is a double page spread of a section of the book wherein the characters which are fish are assorted into a group of letters to spell out instructions for the reader. I intended to have children pick up on the transition from object to word in a creative way and tae satisfaction from learning about how shapes can mean more than one thing. 

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