Fun DIY Projects That Add a Personal Touch to a Catered Event

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If you're hosting a large event, hiring a caterer is the most effective way to supply the volume of food you need in an elegant, professional manner. Even in the absence of home cooked food, you can still give your event a hand-made, personalized feel. If you're feeling crafty, why not use the time you saved on food preparation to try out one of these fun, do-it-yourself projects that visually represent the time and effort you put into your event.

The Wishing Well

Is your event held in the honor of a loved one? Whether you're celebrating a recent graduation, a marriage, or a new baby, the wishing well is a beautiful way for your guests to share a wish or a message to the person of honor. All you need for this craft is some colored paper that matches the décor of the event, and a few large salad bowls or ornamental dishes. Cut the paper into strips about half a food long, and drag them along the edge of a dull blade or pair of scissors to curl them. Guests write their message on the paper, and they can be read aloud or in private by the person of honor.

Commemorative Sharpie Plates

Let your guests leave with something to remember your event by. Although you can use special decorative plates, simple white one's work just as well. Grab a sharpie that will stand out, my personal favorite being the shiny gold or silver ones. Using the sharpie, write the name of the event, the date or any other information you want to include on the place in a visually appealing way. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake the plates for 30 minutes. Make sure they cool for at least 24 hours! The end result is that the ink bakes into the plate. It will be safe to use with food and will not come off in the dishwasher. Your guests can take the plates home with them and be able to look back on your event for years to come.

Drink Cooler Centerpiece

Instead of having servers putter back and forth to bring your guests drinks, why not keep them at arm's reach? Any planter box or decorative container can be made into a beautiful drink cooler in only a few minutes. Simply place it on the center of the table, and add a few accents like flowers or decorative stirring sticks. Add a bit of ice, and your cooler is ready for some drinks! For night time events, line the outside of the cooler with some inexpensive LED strip lighting to help illuminate the seating area and create a mood-setting accent. If you're using a wooden or unsealed planter box, make sure to line it with a bit of vinyl covering to keep the ice from melting out on to the table.

Coloring Placemat


Will children be attending your event? This easy craft will help keep them entertained, giving the grown-ups a much needed opportunity to socialize. There are hundreds of different coloring pages available on the internet, print them out on a large sheet of paper and use them as a placemat! Set out crayons for the children to share and see what kind of creative art they come up with! If you want to make reusable placemats that will stand up to unexpected spills, you can laminate them and set them out with dry-erase markers for reusable fun that can last for years!

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