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Garments have different methods of laundry and care depending on the type of fabric. While making purchases on garments, it is advisable to check the care labels so that you are sure you are able to handle the care instructions. Some fabrics, for example, silk do not require intense heat or rather direct heat, hence stem ironing is ideal. Other do not require direct sunlight among others. Care labels are standard symbols which you need to master. Some of the care instructions include: 

  • Drip dry 

  • Do not iron 

  • Do not dry clean 

  • Do not bleach 


Importance of care labels 





Garments need to be stored in the right place before and after laundry. Some garments are not compatible with water and tend to fade. Importance of sewing labels help you to store them rightly to avoid fading and further tearing. Care labels also help you to know on whether the garments can be stored when folded or they just have to be in the hanger. Some garments get creased easily and at the same time do not need ironing so the label will guide you on the best storage practices to use when storing such garments. 



Laundry instructions 



Garments need laundering to remove dirt and sweat. Different garments require difference laundry care. Care labels provide laundry instructions for every garment. A garment without any label is very difficult to use because you deal with guesswork which might cause an irreversible damage. Always follow laundry instructions to the latter. Some garments need to be washed separately because of fading, with the instructions you will avoid color spillage to different garments. 






Poor adherence to laundry instruction spoils garments reducing their durability. For example, if the instruction state that "do not bleach' and then you end up bleaching, the cloth will tear, and even change color destroying the garment completely. 



Informed choices 



Care labels help you to make informed choices on which type of garments to purchase. If you purchase clothes with "dry clean' instructions yet you do not have a washing machine or you cannot afford laundry purchase, that is a poor decision on garment purchasing. 





Informed people do not purchase clothes without care labels or even labels with labels with not clear or contradicting instructions. This has a ripple effect on sales volume of affected garment manufacturing industries. Inclusion of clothing labels on garments is a marketing strategy to increase sales for the company. 


In conclusion, care labels can be stitchedembroidered or even attached on the garments. They are placed on the collars, side seams and the hems of every garment. Buying a cloth without the care labels might cause severe damage because you might not know which fabric it is made from and precautions to take to avoid damage. Care labels are direct in terms of information and prompt communication. Some industries use just symbols to portray the care instructions. It is recommended to have a rough idea of the basic symbols used to help you make informed decisions on garment care. 

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