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Woven labels are vintage form of creating and designing labels. However, the modern way involves printing, although woven labels are still considered fashionable. The labels are used on different accessories which include clothing labels, tags, garment labels, accessories, luggage labels and identification labels among others. The invention of woven labels has evolved over time with more simple tools of trade. Traditionally, it was made using hand work; currently they use sewing machines which have different patterns to add artistic value on the labels. Additionally, woven labels can be done on any type of fabrics, all you need is the right thread which do not compromise the texture of the fabric once embroidered. The labels can have a touch oboth artwork, hand work and graphic work.


Types of woven labels 


Custom made woven labels 


These types of woven labels use your personalized information featured of the label. It could be the logo or brand name. They help create a presence in the marketing platform. You could communicate to the clients on your product and brand using them for they possess a key message in them. This is traditional way of designing the labels but has been widely accepted even in the current world. Companies can use this type of label as a marketing tool and further add value especially the clothing labels where they put extra buttons. 


Embroidered woven labels 


They use thread and different patterns and artistic skills to design very unique labels. Embroidered labels use embroidery sewing machines to make different patterns using special threads which can be moved to different places on the accessories to create an awesome design. It is also recommended in garment labels since they can only be sewed on fabric. Different threads are available to design on different fabrics. Some of the fabrics include: satin, cotton, wool, polyester among others. The threads are available in different colors for very colorful designs. 


Printed woven labels 


These types use graphical artwork as well as specialized applications which are printed on desired products. They are mostly designed on a computer and printed on themThere are various applications which can design woven labels which are similar to the handwork woven labels. Embroidered woven labels have been overtaken by printed woven labels due to fast production. Graphical artwork is easy to design from the computer unlike the old way of using hand woven labels or even sewing machines. Graphical design applications are many in the market. You need a little expertise on graphical design to create a beautiful pattern with a touch of beauty, class and professionalism. 


Generally, woven labels are widely accepted in the market. The entertainment industry uses them often since when well designed; it can communicate to the relevant audience since it also have a touch of casualwear. Most woolen fabrics use embroidered woven labels, since the fabric uses threads in their manufacturer. Synthetic fibers use them for it gives a disconnected presentation for their extreme smoothness and fabric texture. When you require a touch of both traditional and modern fashion in labels, woven labels is the ultimate choice.

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