Three Ways to Personalize Your Tote Bag

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White tote bags are one of the fashion must-haves that every woman should have. They are versatile fashion items because they can go with any casual outfit you have in your closet. Whether you are out to go to the beach or just want to shop at the Farmer's market, this bag will never put you out of place.

While most white canvas bags come in simple designs, they don't necessarily have to be like that. You can easily personalize your own bag to make it more "you". How? Here are some suggestions:

Make use of trinkets, buttons and pins.

You can personalize your tote bag by adding buttons, patches or pockets on it. Before you start, you need to collect assorted trinkets, clothes pins, needles, thread, and shears. You can visit a mercantile store, so you can have an idea as to what accessories you can use for your personalized tote bag. If you wish to use patches, there are pre-made embroidered patches that you can choose from online.

You can also add frills on the side of the bag, too if you want to give it a girly charm; you can use pins to do this.

Paint it.

Another way of personalizing your tote bag would be painting it. The first thing that you can do is to make a plan. What design do you want to have? You can use a stencil to draw a guide on the bag's front. If you are not that confident you can pull it off; you can also use pre-made stencils that are available in arts and crafts stores.

When painting your tote bag, make sure that you get everything covered. Use old newspapers to protect your table or floor from paint drips. Before painting stencil, make sure that you have already marked and taped the sides that are not supposed to be painted. This is to keep your painted tote bag clean from marks.

If you want to be stylishly crazy, you can also just splash paint all over your bag.

Use prints.

If you wish to have a matching tote bag with your best buddies, you can choose a picture and have them printed out. However, if you want good designs, you can visit online custom shops as they usually offer pre-made designs.

Using prints on your tote bag gives a cleaner result. Also, it's not a hassle and does not take much time to finish. The latest laser printing allows you to get quick and quality results-exactly the way you want. If you're too busy to do the more complicated methods, it might be best if you use prints.

Final Words

Tote bags don't have to be simple. You can paint them, add some buttons and pockets, or simply take them to the custom shop to get them printed. However you transform your bag, the most important thing is that you let it represent the real you. Be creative and have fun!


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