Creative Gift for the Holidays: How to Create a Letter from Santa

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There are many reasons why writing letters from Santa can be a wonderful Christmas gift for children. It's true that these are old-fashioned. However, letters remain to be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can ever craft.

The best part about Santa letters is the easiness of crafting it. You only need to follow 4 simple steps so you can have a personalized Santa letter:

1. Personalize the Letter.

Address the letter to a specific child. Santa Claus knows when someone has been naughty or nice, and the child has to believe that old St. Nick thinks that he is the latter. Repeat the child's name at least twice in the letter's body. Consequently, the letter has to include the child's age.

Add other details that show Santa's knowledge of the child. You can refer to whatever the child has done recently at school or at home. Sometimes, it is also fun to mention the child's pet or playmates.

2. Give Positive Reinforcement.

Encourage the child to continue to being good. Be very specific when stating what good behaviors the child has done. For instance, if the child has picked up trash left behind by a stranger on the street, you can state how Santa was gladdened by the act. You can also mention club achievements and school awards.

Be sure to state that the child has qualified to be on Santa's "nice list" and lightly hint on his possible reward during Christmas time.

3. Make a Request.

Ask the child to do something. Since children usually respect Santa's request, this will be a great way to mold good habits. Perhaps, you want to make them do something as simple as leaving milk and cookies near the Christmas tree. Some people also like to instruct their children to do certain chores or homework.

4. Give compliments.

Avoid trying to scold or discipline the child in the letter. Focus on the child's positive qualities, such as good humor, cheerfulness, or studiousness. Christmas is the season for generosity, so be generous with your compliments. You can use simple words such as kind, funny, gentle, and responsible, too. By doing this, you make the child feel loved and appreciated.

5. Stay in Character.

When writing your letter from Santa, say what is expected from Santa Claus. These can include:


  • Laughter written as Ho-ho-ho!
  • A jolly and cheerful writing style
  • Remarks about Rudolf and other reindeer
  • The hardworking elves

6. Create a Design.

Once you're done with your content, make sure that you create a festive design. You can put add images or drawings of a snowman, Christmas trees, or Santa Claus himself. If you want, you can take it a step further and pair the letter with a video from Santa. A Santa Claus video might be what you need to give make the child believe that your letter is legitimate.


Creating personalized Santa letters can be the easiest and most affordable gift for any child this Christmas season. If you want to keep that holiday spirit and strengthen your child's belief on Santa, then this is the right gift idea for you.

If you wish to give quality Santa letter, you can check online sites for pre-made letters.

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