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The Daily Front Row features the latest fashions from the runways. For Fall 2007, designers were focusing on gray ... with the occasional bright spark of gold.

The Daily Front Row features the latest fashions from the runways. For Fall 2007, designers were focusing on gray ... with the occasional bright spark of gold.

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Feb. 9, 2007. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Bryant Park, NYC: Every spring and fall, Sew Stylish magazine staffers make the 80-mile pilgrimage to New York’s Fashion Week, where massive tents take over the whole of Bryant Park at 42nd and Sixth. We go for several reasons, among them inspiration, networking, and research. Last year, we were pretty lucky with the shows and networking, attending Cynthia Rowley and Manuel, and meeting cast members of Project Runway (future authors!). Plus, we got great freebies like massive Kenneth Cole totes, cool flip-flops, and free mochas. But this year, we were so busy launching Sew Stylish and that we didn’t have time to secure the invitations.

See, there’s a two-part process to attending Fashion Week. First, you have to pay for a press pass into the “tents.” Provided you come from a bonafide press outlet, this isn’t hard to secure, nor is it pricey, (check out IMG for more information). This pass gives you access to the main tents, where you get all the freebies and latest copies of The Daily Front Row, the publication that chronicles shows from the day before. Here you can do some hobnobbing, flop out on the cushy leather banquettes in the press lounge (provided you can get, and keep, a seat) and work on getting into the shows that didn’t give you invites. (One tip from a fellow FIT student: Wait until the show’s almost ready to start and the PR people are packing up. Then, rush up, saying that you are on the list. Takes a fair amount of gutsiness, but wannabe “front row girls” swear by it.)

Much as we would like to be, the Sew Stylish staff are not “front row” nor anywhere close to A-listers, so we have to REALLY work it to get into shows. Maybe that will be different next year when we’re all big media stars, fighting off the paparazzi, but for now we really have to put some serious efforts into calling PR reps. And this year, with closing the first issue of Sew Stylish and getting the second issue (Red Carpet Ready, out in April!) off to a good start, we just couldn’t summon the energy to even be wannabes. In fact, of the whole gang, I was the only one able to go, since I was in the city on a fabric-shopping mission for the many, many party fabrics for the Red Carpet Ready Sew Stylish issue. (Thank goodness for NY Elegant Fabric is all I can say!)

Well, maybe it was the fact that there was no Project Runway show this year, but it all felt a little … well … gray. As you probably know, gray is one of the big colors for fall. It’s really an elegant season, but gray. However, not all gray. As I picked up my week’s worth of The Daily Front Row, my eyes fell on a cover from the day before with a model wearing, yes, a gray cardigan, but also the most stunning GOLD dress with the headline “Rodarte Strikes Gold!”. It reminded me of the stunning dress we’ve dreamed up for Red Carpet Ready Sew Stylish, a lovely green silk with a great harvest of gold paillettes. Just wait until you see it on the newsstands in April! So we Sew Stylish editors are pretty much on the fashion ball after all, even if we aren’t quite front row.

If you want to feel like you were there too, check out the site below. Plus, check out Fashion Week organizers IMG and NY Elegant Fabric (212-302-4980).

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