Restyling PJ Pants with a Blind Hem

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Shannon_Dennis Shannon Dennis, contributor
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Finish the edge of your project and fold the hem up.
Fold the pant side of your fabric away from the hem so you can see about 1/4 inch of the finished edge.
Select a blind-hem stitch on your sewing machine.
Stitch along the fold you created.
If you have long stitches showing on the right side of your project, narrow your stitch width.
When done correctly, a blind hem should be nearly invisible.
Here are the cropped pants finished with a blind hem! SOOOOO easy!
Finish the edge of your project and fold the hem up.

Finish the edge of your project and fold the hem up.

Photo: Shannon Dennis

After a tumble in the dryer on high heat for way too long, one of my favorite pajama pants were too short to wear without looking like I was waiting for a flood! I decided to cut about 6 inches off the bottom of the pants and use a quick hem technique.

A blind hem is very simple. Start by finishing the edge of your fabric. Pin the hem up with the wrong sides of the fabric together. Drop the "pant" end of the hem so that you have 1/4 inch of the finished edge showing. Select a blind-hem stitch on your sewing machine and attach a blind-hem foot. Most sewing machines come with one.

Stitch around the hem, open, and press. I always like to test this process on a scrap of the same fabric. This will allow me to make adjustments before I hem the finished project. If you test your blind-hem stitch first and see there are very long stitch lines when you open and press your hem, simply change the width of your stitch to be more narrow.

This is a great garment technique that worked wonders to save my favorite pair of PJs!

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Comments (3)

cherree writes: Thanks for showing this. I need it.
Posted: 11:06 pm on August 18th
Shannon_Dennis writes: Hey jodied!
I have posted a finished picture of me in my fav pj pants!!!
Posted: 2:23 pm on July 17th
jodied writes: Hi there Shannon, I'd LOVE to see the end result of this technique. Do you have a picture you can post?
Posted: 10:33 am on July 15th
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