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GorgeousThings Ann Steeves, contributor
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This quick-to-make gift bag is great for any occasion.
Fold the top of your fabric down 3 inches.
Attach your ribbon.
This quick-to-make gift bag is great for any occasion.

This quick-to-make gift bag is great for any occasion.

Photo: Ann Steeves

Gift bags are so easy to make, and they add a lovely, personalized touch. During the holiday season, I make lots of these simple bags and put a bottle of wine in them to bring to friends. My friends love these, and always look forward to the current "season" of bags. I love to see people re-gift the bags I gave them. I have seen my gift bags make as many as five stops in a season. The method I'll show below is scaled for a wine bottle, but you can use it for any kind of gift, small or large, by changing the dimensions of your bag.

What you’ll need
1/2 yard of fabric
24 inches of ribbon

Ready, set, go!
First, cut a rectangle 18 inches high by 15 inches wide.

Fold under 3 inches along one 15-inch edge. This will be the "facing" of the inside of your wine bag. Press. Sew close to the raw edge, as shown:

Fold the top of your fabric down 3 inches.

At this point, if you wish, you can apply trim on the top or outside of your bag. Nice ideas for trim include beading, a fringe, or ribbon. I like to put trim on the top of my bag, but you can get creative and place it wherever you'd like.

Cut a length of ribbon 24 inches long. Fold it in half, and place the fold on the long-side raw edge (on the right side of the fabric), as shown. I usually put it about 3 inches down from the top of the bag.

Attach a ribbon tie in the side seam of the bag.

With right sides together, fold the bag in half. Sew a 1/2-inch seam allowance, starting from the top facing edge, down the side, and across the bottom of the bag:

Be careful to keep your ribbon free when you sew your bag together.

Finally, to square off the bottom of your bag: place the side seam over the bottom seam to make your corner come to a new point. Sew across the new point, as shown below 1 inch away from the point. Repeat on the opposite corner.

Square off the bottom of your bag.

Turn your bag right side out, put in a nice bottle of wine, tie your ribbon in a bow. A gift presentation that any host or hostess will love!

Add embellishments, change the size, and have lots of fun. Your gifts will have that little extra something!

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