A Knit-Happy Drummer and Other Wonders of Maker Faire

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In addition to the amazing, handmade crafts we are all so fond of, the recent Maker Faire offered some unusual talents and spectacles.

The guys from Eepy Bird were on hand with another of the amazing Mentos-and-Diet Coke exploding masterpieces that they have become famous for. This time their display of spraying Diet Coke (which reacts with the rough surface of the Mentos candies to create a gush of soda through the mouth of the soda bottle) was comprised of over 600 2-liter bottles of soda that were choreographed to music resemble Las Vegas' Bellagio Fountain.

Kinetic Pastry Science, featuring Greg Solberg's weird-but-wonderful, three-wheeled electric scooters that are designed to look like muffins or cupcakes, were also at the fair. Though they only reach a maximum speed of 10 mph and are not approved for street use, they made zipping around they large fairgrounds much easier. These masterpieces made their debut a few years ago at the Burning Man festival where they were charged in the desert sun using solar panels.

In the video above, veteran rock drummer Corey Fogel, of Oakland, Calif., becomes a performance artist with his endeavor, Purl Drums. In the piece we see him knitting at the drums while using the ends of the needles to create sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-strange ambient noise.

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Comments (2)

TanyaNeedles writes: Hi,
I am a left handed knitter. Some of the stitches come out weird. Is their a better way of doing them. If you are a left handed knitter please help me.
And are there any free knitting clubs is Jersey City.
Posted: 1:41 pm on May 12th
margknittinaround writes: I luv this video - a knitter and a drummer! woohoo real men knit ;) marg
Posted: 8:03 pm on May 9th
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